Samsung Unpacked 5 – Galaxy S5 Revealed

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Samsung Unpacked 5 – Galaxy S5 Revealed


Monday, at the Samsung Studio in New York City, members of the press got to tinker around with the present-day Samsung gadgets such as the Note 3 and the Note 10.1 2014 Edition as they waited for the live stream of Samsung Unpacked 5, in Barcelona, Spain. Samsung devices were all over as people ordered drinks and pastries while using the various Note devices. Shortly after, the live stream was played on all screens in the store. The big announcements were the Samsung Gear 2, Samsung Gear Fit, and last but obviously not least: the new Samsung Galaxy S5. David Park started off the presentation with opening greetings. He introduced the President and CEO of the mobile division, JK Chin, who spoke of Samsung‘s successes, innovations  and growth. He expressed that consumers wanted simple, fast, and high-performance devices – not complex.

First up was the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

Jean Daniel Ayme, VP of European Telecom Operations at Samsung Electronics, said that consumers want five things in their devices. These five concepts spear-headed the design, components, and functionality of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

  1. “Glam Look”
    The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a perforated back as well as a variety of colors to choose from:  Electric Blue, Charcoal Black, Shimmery White, and Copper Gold.The 5.1” FHD Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080 resolution) screen also sports Local CE, allowing the screen’s display to auto-adjust to varying lighting conditions.
  2. Great Camera
    The 16 Megapixel main camera has a fast Auto Focus of 0.3 seconds and a selection of modes such as HDR (High Dynamic Range), Selective Focus (blurs the background around the point of focus), and Virtual Tour Shot.
  3. Fastest Network
    The Samsung Galaxy S5 has Full LTE Coverage and Wi-Fi Mimo 802.11 ac, with Download Booster.
  4. Protection
    The Samsung Galaxy S5  sports an  ip67 Water and Dust Resistant build, a finger scanner for phone unlocking and quick validation for monetary transactions, and Ultra Power saving mode which turns the display to black and white while turning off all functions but phone and texts.
  5. Helps You Stay Fit
    The phone now comes preloaded with S Health 3.0, a fitness tracker, a pedometer, and a heart rate monitor.

samsung-unpacked_22 samsung-unpacked_21 samsung-unpacked_20 samsung-unpacked_19 samsung-unpacked_18

This phone is what the Samsung Galaxy S4 should have been. It has actual technological improvements over the much-acclaimed S3 and comes across as a device with the full intent to be your “everything”. It also includes ANT+, which will allow developers to further create apps that can be used on the phone for fitness purposes. While I’d steer away from words like “glam” or some of their color titles, the phone is definitely easier on the eyes and has a smoother feel than its predecessors. You can see can get a better look of the Samsung Galaxy S5 above.

Samsung Gear 2


Samsung‘s wearable device is back with even more enhancements. Now, you’re not locked into the color you bought as they moved all of the components (such as the camera) to the unit itself, allowing you to swap out wrist straps to your heart’s content. Out of the box the Samsung Gear 2 will have sync compatibility with 17 Samsung Galaxy devices. In terms of build, it will have an I/R LED for TV-remote-controlling, a new Home button for easier browsing, the same level of water and dust resistance as the Galaxy S5 above, a new 300 mAh battery bringing the lifespan up to three days, and 4GB of onboard storage for media play directly from your wrist.  Also like the Samsung Galaxy S5, it also houses a heart rate sensor and pedometer.

Here’s some images and a flickering-about video…

samsung-unpacked_38 samsung-unpacked_37 samsung-unpacked_36 samsung-unpacked_35 samsung-unpacked_34 samsung-unpacked_26 samsung-unpacked_25 samsung-unpacked_24 samsung-unpacked_23

Samsung Fit


This new Samsung addition is a sort of curved-screen cousin to the Samsung Gear 2. It has the Samsung Gear 2 basics such as water and dust resistance, heart rate sensor, pedometer, a media controller, quick message reply, call-rejecting, and conveying messages and alerts from your phone. However, as its name may hint, the build will be more consistent for a person on the move with a weight of 27 g’s and hypo-allergenic swappable straps.

See how it looks below…

samsung-unpacked_16 samsung-unpacked_15 samsung-unpacked_14 samsung-unpacked_13

Looking forward to grabbing the latest gadgets Samsung has to offer? All of these devices are scheduled for release just around the corner on April 11!

Samsung Galaxy S5