Guitar Hero Resurrected with Guitar Hero Live – First Impressions

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Guitar Hero Resurrected with Guitar Hero Live – First Impressions

Now that we’ve covered Guitar Hero Live. It’s time to dig into GH TV.

Over the years, a lot has changed in the way we discover and listen to music. When Guitar Hero launched, there was no Spotify. It was released during a time when Facebook was only for college students. It was before the iPhone was launched. Today people live in a music universe that is constantly being updated. The ability to constantly discover new music and genres is the expectation. One of the key ways that people consume music these days is through YouTube where music videos are one of the many ways people discover music.

GH TV is an attempt to create a network similar to YouTube. GH TV is being conveyed as the first playable music video network where hundreds of music videos are playing simultaneously on multiple channels. Imagine a huge variety of music being playable. Imagine shows themed by genres. Imagine the music always being updated so there’s always something new to discover. Imagine that it’s all playable, all the time: 24-7.

GH TV is where you can play against your friends or against the world. The idea behind GH TV is to always have something different to play whenever you pick up the guitar. GH TV will feel like flipping on the TV, finding a channel to play then jumping right in and playing right away. Players will be able to stay in that channel for as long as you want and play through the songs featured in that channel. If at any point you don’t like the songs that are coming up, you can just bring up the menu and switch to another channel and jump into another song.

When you’re playing in GH TV you will see how well you are playing against other people. Think of this like Guitar Hero‘s arcade mode. This is where you’ll see your high scores, take a peek at the leaderboard and play through challenges. GH TV will match you up against people with your same skill set.

However, don’t forget that you will still be able to challenge your friends online as well as off. And while one person is playing or battling, everyone else could be checking out the music video playing in the background. GH TV is looking to become the ultimate party game.

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