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Preteen Actor/Singer Madison Baez Is Proving To Be The ‘Right One’

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Preteen Actor/Singer Madison Baez Is Proving To Be The ‘Right One’

Possessing the poise and pluck of somebody twice her age, Madison Taylor Baez has quickly become one of Hollywood’s most esteemed and elite talents.

Fresh off of her commanding lead role in Showtime’s Let The Right One In, a television adaptation based on both John Ajvide Lindqvist’s 2004 novel as well as two feature films (the latter titled Let Me In), Baez definitively established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the horror genre – a field in which the actress admittedly isn’t particularly keen on.

Madison Taylor Baez

“I wasn’t really a huge fan of the horror genre; I don’t like horror movies,” Baez explained in a recent chat with Royal Flush. “But I guess now I’m a little more immune to all of the gore and blood,” she joked.

Starring opposite Academy Award nominee Demián Bichir, the acclaimed psychological vampire drama has proven to be the latest instrument in elevating Baez at her chosen craft – or crafts.

Baez received her break at the age of 8 with the award-winning short film The Tooth Racket. She’s also appeared in over a dozen national commercials for longstanding brands such as McDonald’s, Walmart, and Chevy, in addition to music videos for artists like Nina West and DJ Carnage. But it wasn’t only acting that gained the public’s attention.

Her appearance on last season’s America’s Got Talent demonstrated Baez’s commanding singing voice in the form of music staples like Amazing Grace and Steve Winwood’s Higher Love. Her musical prowess resulted in a Golden Buzzer from stunned judge Howie Mandel and her clips have proceeded to become some of the most viewed performances in the show’s history.

Baez even got to display her vocal chops in an episode of Let The Right One In this season, where she beautifully crooned Stevie Wonder’s version of Happy Birthday to her best friend Isaiah, played by Ian Foreman. The merging of both of her worlds is something that she embraces.

Demián Bichir (L) and Madison Taylor Baez

“It’s pretty cool to have singing on your resume because it opens up so many more opportunities for you, whether it’s acting-related or it’s not. It’s good to always have that and to explore different roles with it,” she continued.

Baez is a self-taught musician who was affectionately referred to as “Anthem Girl” a few years back, before she achieved even greater success. The moniker, a product of her spirited Star-Spangled Banner renditions at sports stadiums across the country beginning when she was only 7, is appropriate for the starlet, who fends off nervousness like a pro.

“As soon as I hold the microphone in my hands, my nerves go away,” she exclaimed. “I feel at home.”

Madison Taylor Baez

The precocious performer is perhaps best known for playing late Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla in the widely lauded 2020 – 2021 Netflix program Selena: The Series. The only member of the cast to deliver her own vocals on the show, Baez wasn’t overly familiar with the “Queen of Tejano” music before her audition. That’s certainly not the case anymore as not only has she evolved into a fan, she’s even visited Quintanilla’s memorial museum in Corpus Christi, Texas.

“My mom and dad were huge fans so they told me all about her and I immediately fell in love with her,” she shared.  “I listened to all her music and loved it, I did all my research, and I watched all of the videos that I could. It really was such an honor to be able to portray such an idol.”

“I took a trip to Corpus Christi two years ago and was able to go to the museum. It was super cool and so much fun to be able to explore it,” she added.

Madison Taylor Baez

As far as the future goes for the remarkably talented 12 year old, Baez, unsurprisingly, has some film projects in development and is excited to share the details once she’s allowed. An official announcement on a second season of Let The Right One In hasn’t been made as of yet but the odds seems to be in favor of Showtime getting the green light, especially considering the riveting cliffhanger the series left off on.

“I personally would love to have a second season,” Baez noted. ”I think they’re in the writer’s room so we’ll see.”

For now, however, school is a priority, in addition to non-work related interests like playing sports and video games. “I’m very outdoorsy and I’m on my school’s basketball team. But I’m also enjoying just relaxing right now,” she clarified with a smile.

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