Granblue Fantasy: Versus & Justin Wong Percival Gameplay | #PaxWest

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Granblue Fantasy: Versus & Justin Wong Percival Gameplay | #PaxWest

Granblue Fantasy: Versus was a popular attraction at Pax West 2019. Granblue Fantasy, the original mobile game by Cygames, is famous internationally for its successes on Android and iOS devices. The game, at its core, is a turn-based RPG where collecting characters via the games “gacha” system was huge draw for fans of the mobile title. Now the franchise is taking a dip into the fighting game realm as a 2.5D fighter, developed by Arc System Works.

Being published in the US by XSEED Games, Granblue Fantasy: Versus features one-on-one combat using famous characters from the Granblue Fantasy franchise. The 2.5D fighting plane aspect is one that is no stranger to Arc System Works. It is a visually-appealing presentation style that allows 2D fighters to interact with or change their environments. It was a style used in the popular fighter, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and it will also be used in the upcoming Guilty Gear game. Final Fantasy’s Hideo Minaba will contribute to the visuals as the game’s art director while Stelle Magna will handle the game’s soundtrack.

The game’s fighting system is designed to be simple and approachable, while giving intermediate players and beyond room to separate themselves from the pack. Attacks buttons are arranged in light, medium, and strong attacks while featuring a “special” button that beginners can use to pull off Skybound Arts. Skybound Arts are the game’s special attacks or skills, each with their own cool-down durations. You can opt to use the special button to pull of these special moves with ease, at the expense of a longer attack cool-down. However, experienced fighting game players can shorten the cool-down times by inputting the full Skybound Art inputs, such as with quarter-circle-forward or dragon-punch motions.

So far, the game’s confirmed character roster consists of: Gran, Katalina, Charlotta, Lancelot, Ferry, Lowain, Ladiva and Percival. Outside of the game’s main fighting game mode, the game will also feature a sort of side-scrolling RPG beat-em-up mode. Here, characters can be customized with equipment and skills as they take on various enemies and bosses.

Granblue Fantasy fans and fighting game fans alike got the chance to try the game out at the XSEED Games booth. The demo at Pax West 2019 featured the most recent character addition announced since E3 2019, Percival.

Not only did we get to try out Percival ourselves, but also fans on the show floor enjoyed the bonus of watching Justin Wong try out Percival himself.

Take a look at Justin Wong’s (right side) Percival gameplay followed by ours in this short video below.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus, developed by Arc System Works and published by XSEED Games, is slated to come out for the Playstation 4. You can keep tabs on the game’s progress through their website, here.

† Screenshots provided by XSEED Games.