PAX Unplugged Announced! Tabletop Fans Rejoice!

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Pax Unplugged

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For most, PAX has become a haven for the indie video game and tabletop game fan. If you’ve ever been to a PAX, you’ll know that the most memorable moments happen after the show floor closes. Those are the occasions where everyone is huddled around hotel lobby tables playing Cards Against Humanity, Munchkin, or any number of other tabletop games that were probably purchased that day on the show floor. And now tabletop fans will have a show devoted to them: PAX Unplugged.

PAX Unplugged will be an exciting analog-focused extension of our already existing portfolio of PAX events. We’ve found that the Tabletop parts of PAX have grown and grown to the point where we said, “You know what? Let’s make a show that’s just that.”

PAX Unplugged will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on November 17th through 19th.

Pax Unplugged

Details involving ticket sales weren’t announced yet but hotel rooms are available.

Anyone who is interested to subscribe for more details are highly encouraged to visit the official PAX Unplugged website at