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Pax West 2018: Dying Light: Bad Blood – “Brutal Royal” Game Mode

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Pax West 2018: Dying Light: Bad Blood – “Brutal Royal” Game Mode


Given the successes of battle royal game mechanics as of late, it makes perfect sense for Techland to leap into the ring with its very own multiplayer mode of the same type. Similar to the flavor of gameplay that made PUBG and Fortnite as popular as they have been, Dying Light: Bad Blood is an everyman-for themselves battle set in the game’s zombie apocalypse universe. Players can opt to battle zombies, other players, or both as they strive to be the last player standing at the end of the match.

Do you focus on being first to clear the objective or do you attack others while they are distracted with the objective? The choice is yours.

Dying Light: Bad Blood will be a free-to-play multiplayer game that uses the physics and mechanics of Dying Light, hosting up to 12 players in a single match. Players fight for a single solitary seat on an escape helicopter set to evacuate the survivor from a zombie-ridden zone. The price for the seat is a collection of blood samples scattered throughout the map. Blood samples are protected by varying hordes of “infected” that can be hunted to level up your character. Make it to the helicopter first when it comes to make its one pick-up and you win.

However, since there is only one seat on that helicopter, players can attack other players while they are distracted with either harvesting samples or fighting other enemies. Players also start off 100% empty-handed, making scavenging a huge part of the gameplay. Find weapons and items in abandoned storages, on dispatched infected, or from the corpses of defeated players. The infected are just as varied as they were in the original Dying Light game. So timing and enemy assessment play a big role as you are constantly looking over your shoulder.

At Pax West 2018, we got to try out Dying Light: Bad Blood ourselves. Gameplay was as nerve-wracking and fun, if not more fun, than it was in Dying Light. All of the players are as agile and athletic as the protagonist in the original game, so players were parkour’ing all over the place as the hopped along rooftops and slid over and under obstacles. Run along the bottom levels too much and another player can pounce on you from a rooftop with a killing blow. Run along high areas too much and you may be spotted and stalked by a player or two as they wait to catch you napping.

The weapons are also quite varied, offering one-handed blades and clubs, two-handed weapons of altering weights, bows, and of course guns. Part of the excitement in a player vs player encounter is that you don’t know what they are hiding. I swung a wrench at an onlooker to goad him into rushing me with his much-longer bat. The plan worked perfectly as I quickly switched to a bow, sending an arrow right between his eyes as he ran at me. I felt great as I picked his pockets, but not as great as I was clubbed in the back of the head during my search soon after.

Some players even took larger risks going after infected hordes that had heavy-hitting tank-like zombies in their ranks. The ones that were able to take out the more difficult hordes while avoiding other players were greeted with much greater rewards, such as higher-level gains and better weapon drops. Sure, you can choose to sit in a corner to wait for players to die out. However, the ones that are surviving those encounters are getting stronger as you wait. Tension is definitely high from the moment the match starts.

Dying Light: Bad Blood looks to be an exciting addition to the fray of online free-to-play battle royal titles. If you cannot wait to play Dying Light: Bad Blood when it is free-to-play, early access is available for purchase now for $19.99 on Steam. The game will also be released at a later date on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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