New York Comic Con 2011

NYCC 2011 – Mass Effect 3 on the Floor

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NYCC 2011 – Mass Effect 3 on the Floor

At New York Comic Con, I got my hands on a Mass Effect 3 demo. The mission in the demo involved saving a Krogan female from Cerberus. Spoiler….Don’t anxiously anticipate your first sight of a female Krogan – long story short, all you get to see is her eyes… Mordin played a sort of 3rd party role throughout this mission which makes one wonder if he will be an actual usable character in this game. As a plot device in this mission, too much seem to revolve around his character’s direct storyline and background especially considering that he could have died in your Mass Effect 2 play-through. Had he died, he would be too easily replaceable as a plot device.
The graphics and presentation seem to have the same polish of that of ME2. The physics play out the same way as well with corpses and biotic-victims flopping about comically like rag dolls. The controls appear to have adopted a new Gears-of-War-like scheme with combat-rolls, wall-bouncing, sprinting, and hurdling – all controlled by the A button. There is also a new Heavy Melee – holding the B button triggers an animation where Shepard calls up a blade from his omni-tool and swings for the fences.
Other than these new-to-Shepard moves, combat plays out pretty much the same as ME2, which is not necessarily a bad thing. You got to see some unique variations of Cerberus forces like Guardians (soldiers holding shields that cover everything but their eyes) and an Atlas (a large armored mech). If the overall story plays out well in the end, I can see this game being just as good if not better than ME2 when it comes out next year.