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Dungeon Defenders II Sets Their Towers Up at NYCC

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Dungeon Defenders II Sets Their Towers Up at NYCC


Trendy Entertainment’s Dungeon Defenders is a widely-accepted and unique approach to tower defense games. So much so, that it was released on PC, Mac, XBLA, PSN, Google Play and the App Store. You choose from 4 unique characters and join up with other players to defend a town – deploying traps and towers to battle waves of enemies. The unique twist being that each of the characters can roam around during the waves, taking on enemies directly with their own unique abilities. At New York Comic Con, fans had the opportunity to try out a demo of the new sequel at their impressively laid-out booth. The sure-to-be splash-maker Dungeon Defenders II is scheduled for soft release in Spring 2014. But what new things are in store for fans and newcomers alike this time around?

With still plenty of time left for development, Trendy Entertainment has made a slew of changes and additions. Right off the bat, there are improvements to the visuals, keeping the cartoon approach, but adding 2D visual effects. The game will keep you in 3rd person camera mode at all times to keep game play more streamlined. RPG, Tower Defense and action elements combined with in-stage defense objectives will tie into the overall story of the game. These “sub-objectives” will open up new lanes when lost instead of ending the match. Furthermore, a big change was made in tower placement. During the building phase, tower placement is instantaneous while during the combat phase you can move around whilst building a tower. You can also move and attack within a designated radius of the tower you are upgrading or repairing.

DD2_Screen_02 DD2_Screen_03

The combat system will probably have the most notable overhaul as of now. With the new revamped melee and ranged systems, headshots will be possible with ranged attacks and melee will have a root motion – an attack on the infamous lawnmower effect. Mana will be split into two resources, “ability” and “tower”, allowing players to place towers and use abilities independently without having to choose between the two. Finally to mix it all up, a combo system has been introduced where towers, abilities and gear can interact in different ways. Have frozen enemies thanks to the Apprentice’s freeze towers? Use the Monk’s chi blast to send them off a ledge to shatter on the ground below. Have the Monk’s anti-air towers pointing helplessly over the heads of ground-roaming enemies? Use the Apprentice’s cyclone abilities to hoist the enemies into the air to receive the newfound onslaught.


The anticipation was definitely in the air at NYCC 2013 as fans lined up to play the well set up demo.

nycc-dungeon-defendersII-11 nycc-dungeon-defendersII-04 nycc-dungeon-defendersII-10 nycc-dungeon-defendersII-09 nycc-dungeon-defendersII-08 nycc-dungeon-defendersII-07 nycc-dungeon-defendersII-06 nycc-dungeon-defendersII-05 nycc-dungeon-defendersII-03
Are you a fan of the game that just enjoys being teased? Feel free to watch their trailer below over and over again until the game’s soft release in Spring 2014.

† Actual gameplay screenshots and trailer provided by Trendy Entertainment.