The Chris “The Crippler” Benoit Special Clusterfuck Editon!

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The Chris “The Crippler” Benoit Special Clusterfuck Editon!

So now they say pro wrestler Chris Benoit strangled his wife, suffocated his 7-year-old son and placed a Bible next to their bodies before hanging himself with the pulley of a weight machine! Holy fucking shit. Did anyone just say “ROID RAGE?” Ok, everyone just did.

No suicide note was found, but check this-

apparently his son had needle marks in his arms! Apparently the boy had been given growth hormones for some time because the family considered him undersized.

Jesus! Hello! Benoit was undersized! I saw him backstage about 7 years ago and I dwarfed him (I’m 5″11′) leave yer kid alone.

The last thing he did was send two text messages. In one, Benoit told somebody he knew that his wife and son were sick.
In a second message to a neighbor, Benoit said that the door of the house was open and the pets were outside.

The Montreal-born Benoit was one of the stars of the World Wrestling Entertainment circuit and was known for his wholesome family man image. His wife, Nancy, was a wrestling stage manager who worked under the name “Woman.”
They met and fell in love when their wrestling story lines intertwined.

When he won the world heavyweight championship in 2004, Benoit (pronounced ben-WAH) hoisted the belt over his head and invited his wife and child into the ring to celebrate.

“He was like a family member to me, and everyone in my family is taking it real hard,”
said fellow Canadian Bret Hart, a five-time champion with the World Wrestling Federation.
We at Flush always assumed he was one of the good guys. In the end, he was sadly just a rabid wolverine.

– bernstein & associated press