Smokin’ Babby

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Smokin’ Babby

I got nuthin…

Two-Year Old Toddler Smokes Cigarettes – Watch more Funny Videos

Apparently, Ardi Rizal, a two-year-old Sumatran baby has been a 2 pack a day cig-fiend since he was 18 months old . 2 packs a day? A baby? What? Yeah, I can’t believe it either. A 10 year smoker on the wagon and even in my hay-day 2 packs was a feat.

Smoke-Babby’s dad is quoted with saying “He looks pretty healthy to me. I don’t see the problem.” while doctors and non-idiots alike agree that li’l overweight Ardi will most likely be dead before he’s old enough to drive. That is as long as you don’t consider the little toy scooter that he needs to get his fat ass around the playground a car. Mom and Dad swear li’l Ardi is unbearably grumpy when he doesn’t smoke… “he’s addicted,” says dad. Nice job, ass-hole!