Lil Nubi’s Weekly Rubdown 4/11/2010

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Lil Nubi’s Weekly Rubdown 4/11/2010

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Alright boys and girls, I’m going to hit you with a new weekly segment I’d like to call “Lil Nubi’s Weekly Rubdown” where I highlight my ongoings for the past week, buzzworthy and not.  Got it?  Cool.

Ticket Scalping: Let me start off with a little bitching.  It is no secret that I am indeed a Lady Gaga fan.  She’s getting ready to embark on the second leg of her Monster’s Ball tour.  She’ll be hitting the big cities, NYC, LA, DC, Charlotte, Etc…  I was pretty excited and I waited till the next Friday for the Madison Square Garden ticket’s to go on sale.  She had three dates, I was too concerned I wasn’t going to get a ticket.  10 a.m. hit and I ventured into the dark, fee inducing Ticketmaster.  Searched for tickets and what did I get? SOLD OUT.  Tried a different date, SOLD OUT.  Third date, SOLD OUT.  I noticed a pattern.  Gave up on it, waited a couple of days and checked Stub Hub, Ebay and Craigslist.  The $70 were going for $200, $300, $500 more than face value.  I thought ticket scalping was illegal, apparently I was wrong.  Don’t give into these guys, you buy the tickets from them and they win.  Don’t let them win, it’s just not cool.

Accidents: Left the day job on Thursday, was enjoying a nice ride home.  Had a green light and proceeded to continue but that didn’t stop the guy from making a right turn into my car.  Thanks for that.  Had to deal with the insurance company, they put me through the rigamarole and everything.  Got my car assessed and there going to throw me 700 bones to get it fixed ONCE they claim liability.  Because the guy that hit me is ducking their calls, I have to have my time wasted.  Thanks brah.

Tragic Break-up: Jim Carrey and super hot Jenny McCarthy are no more.  Fortunantly though, unlike Tiger he broke up with her before he started banging a waitress.  (I made that part up, I think he has standards and wouldn’t be bumping ugliest with a waitress)  Speaking of Tiger, did ya catch the Masters?  A couple pilots did, check out there banner at

Apple: Steve Jobs hit the motherload with the iPad.  The first day alone over 300 thousand iPad’s were sold.  Uses have downloaded over a million apps and over 250 thousand e-books.  Where’s mine?  For the time being, my iPhone will now be referred to as my iPad nano.

What’s Nubi Listening Too?: Hypernova is leading the Iranian rock movement with their optimistic debut, “Through The Chaos.”  There first single, “Fairy Tales” is upbeat and energetic.  If the band 69 Eyes weren’t into feeding off the flesh of humans and draining their veins they would be producing the same sound Hypernova has achieved.  If you don’t know who the 69 Eyes are you must check them out…MUST!  Hypernova is a solid act, with concrete song writing.  The debut CD is on shelves everywhere!  Need a taste or maybe you just don’t believe me?  Here ya go, you can check them out at their MySpace at and listen for yourself.  The band is currently residing in New York and have a couple local shows listed.  They’re going to be big, I can feel it in my plums!  While you’re checking out their MySpace, order the CD.  Don’t back talk me, just do it!

That’s it for today boys a girls.  Maybe next week I’ll up the production value….but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.  Take care one and all and feel free to send me some love at LilNubi@RoyalFlushMagazine.Com!