CES 2012: LG’s Got Their Eyes on the Prize

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CES 2012: LG’s Got Their Eyes on the Prize


LG was honestly the best booth to visit during CES 2012 for the sheer fact that their TVs had a brilliantly crisp, vibrant, and bright display. Their 3D displays were the most immersive I had seen throughout the convention floor and I honestly hope the images below are able to showcase how freaking awesome the world’s thinnest 55 inch OLED really is. LG’s booth not only showcased their TVs but a few really cool products for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

 For the hardcore gamers, LG had a lot to offer. Not only will their Smart TV line offer a massive line of apps at your fingertips but you will be able to have two players play simultaneously–in full screen. Yes, I did happen to see other people offer dual screen playing but, again, LG’s display was so clear. It did suck to have to put on glasses but the idea of being able to get the first TV screen real estate again was super exciting! Best part is that it will be built in to every Smart TV, so no need for a new peripheral and it will work with any console. Any. Console.

Additionally, LG is working with Gaikai to bring cloud gaming to consumers. While details were scarce, it was clear that the product was ready for our greedy little hands. The gaming was seamless. Lag was a thing of our imagination, it’s just something that didn’t exist. This was one of the few demos that didn’t have a single hiccup when we reached it. The only questions we had were “When will this be available?” and “What’s the pricing structure?” Both questions that neither Gaikai or LG could answer at the moment. Whatever the outcome may be, if they go with a subscription based approach, this might be an interesting battle with GameFly. However, I don’t see how you can compel folks to run out and buy a new TV just for access to games that they may never actually own. It’s still an interesting concept for anyone thinking about grabbing a new 3D TV. If that sounds like you, then perhaps may want to wait a bit till your next purchase.

And for the casual crew, there was a new peripheral that looked like a Kinect but wasn’t. LG’s 3D Magic Motion Remote is a camera that works with the Smart TV line, mimicking Microsoft’s Kinect while enabling it’s functionality with an numerous apps. The app that was pretty popular for demos of this kind was “Fruit Ninja“. It was cool to see the game being played in 3D but I’m still curious about how this and other Kinect-like peripherals will do. Everyone had one but most, like LG’s, could only work with one person in front of the camera. A serious drawback when the Kinect can handle up to four with most games now. Like always, I’ll stay open-minded but right now this seems too gimmicky, even for the most casual of gamers.

With that said, I still think LG has some interesting stuff down the pipe this year. It all depends on their execution. The cloud gaming is what I will be keeping my eye on. It’s the most innovative thing I saw when it came to gaming that if done right could revolutionize how and where we game.