Be All That You Can Be…

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Be All That You Can Be…

The Army needs to quit tricking kids into enlisting.

It’s bad enough the Army lurks around high school cafeterias creeping everyone out (and putting me off my tater tots!) but now they have these commercials that paint the Army as some sort of learning annex in camouflage. “You too could learn skills that last a lifetime” (or a month, depending on where your stationed.)

Or they paint it as a video game, but they don’t tell them that you only get one life and your body armor is very limited.

These commercials aren’t even necessary. In a year or two there’ll be a draft on anyway and these kids will get all the fast paced, bullet dodging, “computer training” they’ll need to go Columbine on a convenience store after they get back stateside.

– H.P. Cress