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New Frazetta projects to hit in 2008!August 9th, 2007 (Berkeley, CA) – Following the massive success of Frank Frazetta’s DEATH DEALER, the artistic legend has approved a slate of new titles to hit stores in 2008.

“The overly positive reception of DEATH DEALER made it obvious fans want more Frazetta-related titles,” said Jay Fotos, editor of the line. “Not only are we following it up with another high fantasy mini-series by the same creative team, SILVER WARRIOR, but there are a lot of other painting inspired stories we’re going to get out there.”

Joshua Ortega, the writer behind DEATH DEALER and SILVER WARRIOR, returns first with SWAMP DEMON, a one-shot that explores the world in DEATH DEALER, albeit 500 years in the past.

DARK KINGDOM, a one-shot by Mark Kidwell, will also explore other aspects of the world SWAMP DEMON and DEATH DEALER inhabit, but in a very different light. This variety in Frazetta’s painting style is far from limited to fantasy, opening up the possibility for titles outside of the DEATH DEALER world.

Fotos explains, “One thing I love about Frazetta’s library is its variety. He’s well known not only for mastering fantasy, but he also excels at sci-fi and horror. We’re going to showcase these sides of Frank as well.

“Those sides will be explored in two one-shots, DRACULA VS. THE WOLFMAN by 30 Days of Night’s Steve Niles and CREATURES by Rick Remender. DRACULA VS. THE WOLFMAN is a visceral showdown between the horror icons unlike any that has gone before. Meanwhile, CREATURES will fuse Indiana Jones and ‘X-Files’ as Teddy Roosevelt’s secret life as a paranormal investigator has him going against some of Frazetta’s most frightening creations.

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