100% Expert!!!

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100% Expert!!!

I may have just changed my opinion on the role video games hold in our society.

I know that statement sounds bold but believe me, it isn’t. I’m not going to comment on GTA4 and the moral base it thrusts upon today’s youth or any of the other countless games that glorify violence. I mean hell, I’m a Nazi killer, I LOVE killing Nazis! Gimme any game where I get to shoot up the baddest of the bad and I am set for a week or two. That and any game where I get to live out my two favorite trilogies as a Lego and call me a pizza cuz I ain’t going nowhere.

But just recently I watched a kid score a near impossible 100% playing Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce on expert in Guitar Hero III.


100% on expert…

100% on expert playing Dragonforce’s Through the Fire and Flames


This unimaginable feat has me quite disturbed. Not because of the shear dedication this requires or the honest to God amount of studying this requires or the unquantifiable hours lost at the conquering of this Everest.

I’m disturbed by the fact that a triumph such as this has absolutely no applicable value outside of your basement apartment.

Let me break down my arrival at this conundrum. Guitar Hero requires exact precision and repetition of a set path with absolutely no deviation. This is not like completing Double Dragon over the course of a weekend at the corner candy store, you can’t mash your way to victory in GH3. No shortcuts, no powerups and no feeding quarters until the Shadow Boss is dead. You miss a note and you got to start all over again.

Hell, I bet even Herman Li and Sam Totum (Dragonforce’s guitar virtuosoes) are not this precise live or in the studio.


Three Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty Two…
That’s the note streak (the number of notes in a row) this kid hit over the course of about six and a half minutes. That is approximately 9.5 notes per second. At about four minutes in he shakes out and wipes his hand on his pant leg and he still has about two and a half minutes.

He goes from strumming what appear to be 32nd notes to finger tapping the solos with the skill of the almighty EVH. This hallmark should be one for the record books, but I just can’t help but feel bad for all those lost hours with a miniature plastic guitar in hand and not a single groupie waiting back stage to arpeggiate his Aeolian.

Sorry, 100% GH3 guy, until Guitar Hero gets you laid I will continue to feel bad for the guy that wrangles in a flawless Fire and Flames on expert.