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Suicide City: Live At CBGB’s DVD Review!

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Suicide City: Live At CBGB’s DVD Review!

Before we talk about the DVD, let me introduce the band properly.  Suicide City is a excellent mix of rock, rage, and a lot of fun.  Taking punk, metal, and industrial elements, Suicide City is sure to please many.

The five piece band which consists of the fashion forward Karl Bernholtz on Vocals, the always angry, master of the guitar Billy Graziadei, the extremely beautiful Jennifer Arroyo pleasuring the bass with her fingertips, the rhythm royalist AJ Marchetta and the hardcore beat keeper Danny Lamagna.

The Summer of 2005, Suicide City picked up there first big tour opening for Otep.  Due to their great ability to arouse the crowd they toured the U.S. with Mindless Self Indulgence.

I was a little skeptical at first, the entire concert is shot under a black-light. At first I thought this was pretty lame and overdone but they pulled it off!  With the glow of Karl’s hair to the illuminated signs the band brought to the stage, it worked out well.  Their stage presence has the amazing ability to keep their fans on their feet the entire show. This is a great DVD that all true Suicide City fans should own.

“Start the Show” is the obvious opening track to their set list.  Their onstage shenanigans starts early and doesn’t stop till the show stopper and number one single “Give Me Your Pity.”

It takes more than two delicious pieces of bread to make a sandwich.  The meat of this band’s set list are their singles “Fuck Your Dreams,” and “Cutter.”  What’s a great show without great covers?  Paying their tribute to Mindless Self Indulgence, Suicide City performed their remix of “Straight to Video” which is also available on the Straight To Video remixes CD.  The next cover took me by surprise.  It’s one of the few songs I’ve never heard any one else perform.  They played “Burn” by the Cure.  That song is my all time favorite Cure song and it was amazing.  Any fan of The Crow will dig this cover.

After the concert is done, you aren’t finished.  Included are various home movies the band was nice enough to share with us.  Although there could of been some more bonus features, I wasn’t disappointed.

Overall this DVD is great.  It holds its own among other live DVDs in my collection which says a lot.  I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more from this band in the future.  You can pick up their DVD exclusively at myspace.com/SuicideCity.  While you’re there add them as a friend so you can keep yourself updated with all the latest Suicide City news.  Ready to take a trip to Suicide City?

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