Easy Listening Made Sensible: Plantronics BackBeat SENSE Wireless Headphone Review

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Easy Listening Made Sensible: Plantronics BackBeat SENSE Wireless Headphone Review

Sound and Performance


As for the sound presentation itself, results were on par with what you should expect from Plantronics. Nice clear sound with lean towards the low ranges (specifically, bass). Bass is quite prevalent, but it’s warm and surrounding, not muddy or overbearing. Percussion came also across quite well, very crisp and very present. It was so much so, that I noticed it almost instantly over the other components of the music I heard. Don’t get me wrong, vocals and other instruments came across fine and weren’t drowned out by drums and such. The BackBeat SENSE‘s driver tuning just gave me more appreciation of percussion and bass overall.

This translated well in other forms of multimedia entertainment as well, such as movie watching. Spoken word is clear and action sequences with gunshots and explosions came across in satisfying fashion.

The on-ear, passive noise cancelation aspect of the BackBeat SENSE played its part well in the overall listening experience. When music is playing at simply mid-level volume, the outside world is properly drowned out by the music you’re listening to. This allowed for an immersive listening experience where I was able to enjoy music and movies to the detail I described above.

Sound presentation was excellent with a solid exhibition of mids and lows. As an added bonus, the embedded mic handled the wearer’s voice very clearly in phone calls. The clarity was so much so that people on the other line were unable to tell that I was using a headset outdoors, and by a very busy intersection. Amidst all of the features of the BackBeat SENSE, the most important feature of sound delivers as well it should.

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