Easy Listening Made Sensible: Plantronics BackBeat SENSE Wireless Headphone Review

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Easy Listening Made Sensible: Plantronics BackBeat SENSE Wireless Headphone Review


When we attended the Plantronics BackBeat SENSE wireless headphone unveiling event last month, we knew we needed to see more. Plantronics’ latest addition to their BackBeat line, the BackBeat SENSE, is the highly-portable luxury listening companion for techophiles, music lovers, and/or casual listeners. Why mention techophiles in the mix? Well, it seems appropriate considering the collection of features stuffed into the BackBeat SENSE. Now, we got our hands on a pair of these headphones for ourselves. After two weeks, we are now ready to give you a proper review!

I ran on and on with this review. If you want to just skip to the sections that matter to you, then here you go:

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Build and Comfort


The BackBeat SENSE is a 140 gram on-ear headphone that uses a suspension headband design similar to what gamers may recognize in many SteelSeries headsets. The wearer’s head only comes in contact with memory foam with a leatherette skin found on both ear pads and on that very suspension headband. The whole unit is held together by an aluminum band that extends and retracts out of each ear pad to lengthen itself for larger or longer heads.

The BackBeat SENSE is practically weightless and a dream to wear. Despite my preference of over-ears headphones over on-ear headphones, the BackBeat SENSE headphone challenged me to reconsider my stance as they excel in comfort even in long durations of use. Despite being so lightweight, the headphone at the very least maintained a strong yet non-oppressive hold as I maneuvered about busy streets. The unit does not come across as flimsy as they sort of stay in place one you found the length and placement adjustments that best suits you.


Speaking of adjustments, the headphones do well at self-adjusting to the wearer’s head when they slide on the BackBeat SENSE in one casual motion. The ear pads themselves can fold flat, which not only assists with conformity but also helps with the headphone’s portability. I was fine with keeping the headphones at the lowest-most length but there were few times where I did minor adjustments, just to feel out different points of comfort. Sliding the ear pads up and down felt easy enough, and they held their positions quite well.


If you’re of the sweaty sort like I can be when it’s hot, you may find yourself adhering slightly to leatherette padding. Leatherette skin will do that. It didn’t really add any real discomfort. If anything, just allowed for the BackBeat SENSE to acquire an even more solid hold on my head. If it’s hot outside, then it’s just hot outside. That said, the BackBeat SENSE preserved a high level of comfort in all environments, no matter how long you’ve been listening.

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