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It took a lot to separate me from the TV and a VH1 classic rewind of Damn Yankees last week. Tommy Shaw’s stonewashed man shorts and Ted Nugent’s kill it and grill it self were about to rope me in for a second time. Anyway, I managed to escape, and catch the Noisettes at the Mercury Lounge.

It’s always exciting to see a band with your own eyes, as the “next big thing” label becomes firmly attached to their backs. I wasn’t disappointed. The London based Noisettes showed something that alot of the bands borne out of overhyped UK press lack. It’s called talent and charisma.

When Shingai Shoniwa wasn’t conducting the mood of the room with her Karen O. meets Bjork in a 1930’s Harlem jazz club delivery, she would rock out the bass herself, while standing on the drum kit. Guitarist, Dan Smith’s intricate yet groove based guitar lines pushed the energy along and fit the vocals like a glove ( ooh, that cliche wreaks of Gene Simmons. I’m keeping it.).

Holding it down behind them was drummer Jamie Morrison who utilized his hands and more importantly, his shaking afro to create revolution in the air as well as anyone since Rob Tyner and the MC5.

-t.j. rosenthal