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Harmonix Got Us Fallin’ In Love Again – Dance Central 2 Review

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Harmonix Got Us Fallin’ In Love Again – Dance Central 2 Review

Come on, who else do you think would be doing this review? “Dance Central” is back and better than ever with tons of new add-ons including something we have all been waiting for since the original: Simultaneous Multiplayer! If you couple that with all-new Voice Commands,  revamped Dance and Fitness Modes as well as a Campaign Mode; “Dance Central 2” is poised to become a new stable in your Kinect library.

Voice Commands

Since the announcement of Kinect, we have seen demo after demo featuring ‘Voice Commands’. I wondered if this would be the least bit intuitive and even wondered if I would become utterly frustrated with the Kinect’s lack of responsiveness. I also wondered if I would look like an absolute dummy shouting at my TV because I know I will be shouting at it as a last resort.

And shockingly, the answer is unbelievably yes to all three.

I became frustrated at the Kinect’s inability to pick up my voice at times. I began yelling at the TV to compensate for the Kinect’s ignorance. However, I did find the available commands quite easy to remember. So, it won me over on the intuitive front. Simple commands to jump straight into a song, set the difficulty, or even the song’s speed in the game’s “Break It Down” mode are all pretty easy to remember. Think along the lines of saying “XBOX Dance” to bring up the song selection screen then simply selecting your song to play.Truly nifty and it’s one step closer to totally ditching your controller.


Simultaneous Dancing

It’s been something we all have been waiting for and now we finally have it! Now if only I could get some people to come over to my place to play! But that’s another story…

Not only can two players dance at the same time but they can each set their own difficulties. Finally leveling the playing field and allowing both dancers to play at their own pace without bothering each other. The only issue here is space. When people dance and don’t really know the routines, they are all over the place, often colliding with one another during the game. I didn’t see this as much when two players happened to have some familiarity with a particular song. And let’s face it, it’s bond to happen no matter which dancing game you happen to be playing. I’m just putting it out there as a warning for anyone who wants to start having dance battles right out the gate. Perhaps let each player dance through the song before battling. You may come out with less bruises this way.


Fitness Mode

This particular mode was a favorite of mine, more so than the simultaneous dancing. Why? Because I learned that people are shy when it comes to dancing in front of others, even if it’s among friends. So, the “Fitness Mode” is a mode that I can just jump into.


What’s different this time around is the fact that you don’t just turn it on and randomly play songs until you burn your desired calorie count. Instead you select the workout type and it’s already set for a designated time frame. Simply dance your way through the songs and watch the calories burn! But it doesn’t stop there, once you initialize the calorie counter, it continues to tell you your progress while playing through the other modes, including how long you have been playing and how many calories you have burned. Totally love this!


Crew Challenges

Take your moves to the streets in this new campaign mode! Prove you are worthy enough to rep different dance crews while trying to earn stars along the way. Unlock new dancers and extras while other dance crews take notice. Since I recently watched a bunch of dance movies while writing this review, I can totally see this as a campaign mode. You dance you way through the ranks as more and more people take note of your talent. Then you gain more and more notoriety amongst the crews.


The Bottom Line

If you got Dance Central, you will most likely pick up Dance Central 2.

With the new campaign, fitness, and multiplayer modes, Dance Central 2 has enough to keep you dancing long after 5 starring all the songs.

Platform: Kinect for Xbox 360  | Publisher: Microsoft | Developer: Harmonix
Category: Music, Dance
Release Date: October 25th, 2011