CMJ 2012: Artist Line-Up Announcement party

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CMJ 2012: Artist Line-Up Announcement party

It’s about that time again folks! CMJ Music Marathon isn’t for another month but it’s definitely a time to get excited. Since the radio is dominated by pop music, it’s become hard to discover new bands or artists. Some would simply suggest a music recommendation service like Pandora or Spotify radio but it’s never really worked for me in the past. Just like in gaming, there isn’t simply one genre I fit into and it’s utterly impossible some times to get a radio station going that might match me. But that’s why I look forward to CMJ Music Marathon each and every year.

CMJ Music Marathon invades New York City this October as a five day non-stop music marathon featuring over thousands of bands playing live all over the city. While the badges can be considered pricey, it’s the only time a year where a badge opens up a plethora of live music and panels. But if you can’t afford a badge, definitely be on the look-out for separate ticketed admission events that are often a part of the marathon. The panels cover everything from the business of releasing, distributing and maintaining a fan base. Since the way that we all discover and interact with bands and their music is continuing to evolve, the panels appear to be a great resource to check out what your budding band could be overlooking.

Visit the official CMJ Music Marathon website for more details and if you’re interested in purchasing a badge, you can do so here:

Tonight, CMJ announced the initial line up and hosted a party at the Mercury Lounge were I definitely discovered two new bands: Sinkane and Tanlines. Below are photos from their live performances and if you’re interested in learning more about the artists that were finally announced for the marathon, you can check them out here.