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CES 2015: Audiofly™ Showcases the AF240 and AF250

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CES 2015: Audiofly™ Showcases the AF240 and AF250


Audioflytm definitely grabbed our attention at the International CES 2015 floor weeks with a pair of headsets that scream “luxury and comfort” at first sight. Ok, so I’m mocked by other RFMag writers for my couch-cushion-on-your-head analogy I’ve used before for other headsets. But Audiofly teased me into saying it again with their CES-showcased over-ear headphones, the AF240 and the AF250. We value quality materials in our devices just as much as we do with their performance. As Audiofly’s AF240 and AF250 strive to excel at both, we had no choice but to get a closer look…


Each headset is lightweight and self-adjusts in three directions, immediately sliding into a comfortable fit the moment you place them on your head. Very soft memory foam that challenges the comfort level of Comply tm. ear pads rest under the headband and on both ear cups. That foam goes beyond enhancing comfort and fit as it impressed us with its sound isolation. All of the background noise and banter quieted down to a dull roar the moment we wore either the AF240 or the AF250, even before we actually started to play any demo music tracks.

Continuing on features available to both of these Audiofly headsets, each unit will utilize an Audioflextm cable covered by a CORDURA® fabric outer braid. The Audioflex cable promises durability and houses an in-line mic and music controller for use with your mobile devices. You have to give points for the braiding on the cable that not only helps protect your investment but combats snagging. The cable 1.5 meters long and terminates with a 3.5mm gold plated straight-body DC jack.

Even with our limited time with each unit, we were impressed with the clear and vivid sound presentation. Both units sound balanced and delivered the mid-ranges quite well from what we can tell on the CES show floor. Definitely, the AF240 and AF250 each provided enjoyable listening experiences that made us wish we had more time to vet them further.

Now to go into what separates the AF240 and AF250.

Audioflytm AF240


Driver type: 40mm single membrane neodymium driver
Frequency range: 20-20 kHz
Sensitivity: 103dB at 1 kHz
Impedance: 16 Ohms
Cable length: 1.5m (60″)

The “lower-end” model of the two headphones stands strong as a premium product on its own. Made of a polycarbonate body and aluminum, feels light but not at all cheap in its build. The AF240 headphone comes with a carrying bag of microfiber lining. Once available, the AF240 will go for $249.

Audioflytm AF250


Driver type: 40mm dual membrane neodymium driver
Frequency range: 20-20 kHz
Sensitivity: 103dB at 1 kHz
Impedance: 16 Ohms
Straight cable length: 1.5m (60″)
Coiled cable length: 3m (120″)

The higher-end headphone of the two pushes the quality levels even further with its all-aluminum build. The AF250 feels as solid as any headphone can get, rewarding the wearer for reaching for the higher price-point. The AF250 will come with an additional 3 meter cable with a screw-fit quarter inch adapter and can be swapped with the Audioflex cable as needed. Its mobility gets an upgrade as well in the form of a hard shell carrying case complete with storage compartments for accessories. The flagship AF250 headphone will be sold for $349.

We liked what we saw so far as these are both headsets that deserve a deeper look into. You can continue to read more about them straight from the source at Audiofly’s website here…

Link to the AF240 product page.

Link to the AF250 product page.


†Main AF240 and AF250 product stock images taken from Audioflytm linked product pages above.