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CELTIC FROST – Monotheist

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CELTIC FROST – Monotheist

Century Media

5 Stars

How many years have Celtic Frost fans been waiting for this? This is the first new album from Switzerland’s extreme avant-garde metal pioneers since 1989’s Vanity/Nemesis. What you want to know is, is this a disgrace to the hallowed CF brand name or did they manage to live up to their idiosyncratic and influential legacy? Well, we think they have done the latter, and boldly too! Spinning Monotheist makes you think that CF main man Thomas Gabriel Fischer has been listening to a lot of old Godflesh lately, not a bad thing! This has that uber-doomy industrial vibe to it, complete with feedback squeals. Add Tom’s dramatic, almost Bowie-like spoken-sung vocals, and you’ve got the return from Celtic Frost that’s no disappointment at all.