HTC Ice View Case Review

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HTC Ice View Case Review

Overall Thoughts


I was quite surprised at how quickly I got used to the HTC Ice View case. It’s practical, nice looking, and even fun to use. The Ice View case conforms seamlessly around the HTC 10 and becomes part of your phone. The basic functions that you would turn to when a faster reaction is necessary are present. Music controls, call controls, notification handling, and (interestingly enough) camera usage are all at your literal fingertips. The HTC Ice View case has an elegant design that protects your prized HTC 10 while giving you intuitive controls that people generally use the most.

It definitely sold itself to me and I wouldn’t have any problems suggesting it to HTC 10 owners that have $50 to spend. I would love to see more customization options in the future for the Ice View case, so here’s to hoping that HTC has something up their sleeve. I only wished the case would naturally stay flush against the HTC 10’s screen. (It could even just be exclusive to the unit that I was reviewing.) That aside, HTC has a nice little accessory in their hands that I would happily refer others to.

The HTC Ice View case can be yours for $50 and can be purchased at HTC’s website here.

† HTC Ice View case review unit provided by HTC.