HTC Ice View Case Review

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HTC Ice View Case Review



The whole point of the “view” in Ice View is to give you the ability to check or peek at notifications while the HTC 10’s screen remains covered. I liked novelty of HTC’s Dot View cases of old, but wondered if the openings of those very dots left the HTC One(s) open to damage at those spots. This isn’t a worry at all with the new HTC Ice View case, as a hardy and thick flap covers the screen while being transparent enough to show you practical notifications. For the functions themselves, I was able to take screenshots since it will be easier to show the functions going forward. (Florescent lighting did not play nice with camera shots of an otherwise beautiful display of functions…)

During a call
During a call

Starting with the basics, tapping the cover twice starts up the display, showing you the time and date. Tapping the date directly will then display the phone’s battery life level. When you get a call, the screen either shows the name of the caller if you have them in your contacts or the number that’s calling you if you don’t. An intuitive animation informs you that swiping up picks up the call while swiping down rejects it. While you’re on a call, the basic options are still available to you while the screen is covered: speaker phone toggle, outbound mic muting, and hang up. Once you’re in a call, you can easily manage the bulk of the common call functions while never having to open up the Ice View case. Not bad at all!

Where the closed Ice View case flourishes is in how it handles notifications and camera shots.

First off, the ability to take quick camera shots without having to open the case is pretty interesting. Is something happening right now and you don’t want to miss the shot? Just swipe down twice on the front cover and use the HTC 10’s camera to its fullest potential. All of the HTC 10 camera features are there, as if you were looking directly at the HTC 10’s screen without the case over it. Of course, the view-finder display appears blurry through the Ice View’s cover. But at least you can take out your phone, focus your shot, and take it quickly if you’re in a pinch. The image is clear enough that you know what you’re snapping a picture of.HTC_Ice_View_17_marked

If you’re listening to music using a music app on the HTC 10 or mainstream apps like Youtube Music, you can access the basic Play, Pause, Forward and Back functions on the Ice View cover display as well. I use PowerAmp for music on my phone and the Ice View case recognized it once I enabled Android Lock Screen Music Controls. Yet another instance of the Ice View case giving you quick and intuitive access from the front cover. This came in handy at the gym whenever I wanted to change tracks without having to dive deeply past the Ice View Case.Ice_View_SS_07_marked

I was particularly impressed with the notification display.

With the old Dot View cases, only certain apps would give you anything close to useful when notifications popped up. With the new Ice View case, any app that gives notifications can be toggled at your discretion for use with the Ice View case. If it displayed text on a locked screen without the Ice View case, then it’s possible to have it display through the Ice View case. Any app; Your choice. The lettering is enlarged for easier view-ability through that front flap, so depending on the size of the notification, it may get truncated.  However, it sure is nice to be able to peek at practically any notification you like. It doesn’t just stop at emails and texts.  When a notification comes in, drag it up to peek at it, and drag it down to get rid of it.

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