HTC Ice View Case Review

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HTC Ice View Case Review


With the HTC 10 being as successful as it is, we should at least take a look at its accessories. We loved what we saw in the HTC 10 in as seen in our review here, but what about one of its main accessories, the HTC Ice View Case? People adored the Dot View case of previous HTC flagships, utilizing complete coverage of the device and a unique front display of the clock and notifications. So how does the new HTC Ice View case hold up? Let’s dive in.

The HTC Ice View case snaps around the phone, covering the back, corners, and sides with a thin but hard shell. The front cover is of a softer yet still rigid plastic, with a rubberized texture on the side that rests against the screen. The outside of that front flap as well as the rest of the case has more of a textured matte feel to it. This texture is perfect for actually making the phone even more grip-able with the case on while still being slick enough to slide in and out of your pocket or bag with ease.

The HTC Ice View Case gives the HTC 10 the kind of overall protection that puts you at ease. Save the obvious and practical openings for the speakers, ports and cameras, you can dump the HTC 10 where ever you like on your person with little to no worry that the device itself suffer any dings or scratches. That harder shell around the sides and backs just add to that level of comfort. When it use, the HTC Ice View case makes the HTC 10 easiser to hold and use, whether you have the front flap flipped around the back or if you are just holding it with the flap closed.

The Ice View case accomplishes this ease of use and respectable level of protection while maintaining an overall sleek appearance. Whether you’re checking the time, peeking at notifications, or just messing with the volume, the HTC Ice View case gives you a pleasant user-friendly experience while being easy on the eyes. The bumps on the right side for the power and volume controls are easy to finagle with and discern from one another. The openings for the speakers, ports and cameras are nice and tight, making the Ice View case look and feel like it’s actually part of your phone instead of an overlaying accessory. The HTC logo on the back completes the sleek design of the HTC Ice View Case and drives home that “part-of-your-phone” feel.

There’s just one knock against the Ice View case’s general build. While that front flap bends inward, as if in an effort to close itself whenever it can, the front flap sways open. That opening is slight, and does not sacrifice protection or usability. However, the fact that the Ice View case resists a 100% closure irked me. Since the Ice View case is quite sturdy and durable, I tried bending the flap in ways that I thought would “teach” it to stay closed completely. Sadly, that slight opening lingers.

The Ice View’s front display is clearer and sharper when the front flap is flush against the HTC 10’s screen. So whether it is a result of my long term usage with the flap around the back of the phone or not, it was a minor annoyance worth mentioning. The Ice View case’s build is both attractive and sturdy, otherwise.


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