The RFMag 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

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The RFMag 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us! We know it’s hell to go shopping for the perfect present for your family, friends, and secret santas; especially if you’re unsure about what to get. However, the staff at Royal Flush Magazine would love to make your holiday shopping a whole lot easier by sharing our picks for the holidays!

It’s easy to get started, simply click on the flusher’s holiday gift guide you like to view and start browsing!

Minimal Ghost

…, or Eric to his non-digital acquaintances is a New York native, aspiring developer and journalist interested in all aspects of the industry; when not toiling away on his latest prototype he can be found attempting to make his eyes bleed from prolonged gaming sessions or at the local bar arguing about the practical applications of a light-saber in daily life.

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Stephanie K.

… travels through cyberspace in her e-TARDIS, saving humanity from the clenches of evil like bad video game purchases and poor grammar. When not saving the digital universe she is writing for RFMag, being the Lead Editor of a 3-year running independent gaming site, and wants to be a paperback writer.

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… is a Brooklyn-born, bonafide Gamer Girl. She enjoys games of all genres, (ok maybe with the exception of dancing games, and racing games) and can’t go anywhere without her iPod. Her favorite franchises include Devil May Cry, Soul Calibur, Kingdom Hearts, Batman Arkham Asylum, Cooking Mama, and Resident Evil to name a few.

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…, more commonly known as Dani, is a lover of all things gaming. Her favorite game franchises include Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Kingdom Hearts, Halo, Dance Dance Revolution, and Rock Band.

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… spends his day double-jumping over users’ IT HelpDesk requests so that he has more time to double-jump in games. He enjoys double-jumping in PC, console and mobile games. His element resides mainly in Shooters, RPGs, and Fighters with a hint of the miscellaneous. The only time he sits still is when he gets his hands on a gadget.

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