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Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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Holiday Gift Guide 2018 - Royal Flush Magazine
RFMag Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Dragon Ball FighterZ - Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC

Dragon Ball FighterZ – Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC

Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a solid 3v3 tag fighter that snags the stage from the Marvel vs Capcom franchise. The game looks awesome, sounds great, plays very well, and excels with its fan service. It’s a great pick-up-and-play game that’s complete with base game and character combo tutorials if you want to get a little more serious with your fighting.

Despite being released at the very beginning of the year, Dragon Ball FighterZ has effortlessly retained its relevance throughout the year, being subject to continuous DLC roster additions as well as being a large piece of all of this year’s main professional fighting game tournaments. The fact that this game’s popularity refuses to die down makes it a solid purchase for any fighting game or Dragon Ball fan.

Recommended by Double-Jump

RFMag Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the S8 but with an exceptional low light camera and upgraded sound capabilities. Samsung made a device that sets the bar for how the smartphone camera should handle all lighting situations – bright or dark. It is easily the best low-light camera on a mobile device that I have used so far.

Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy S9 handles media very well, whether you are watching videos, listening to music, or just playing your favorite mobile games. It powers through tasks while helping you keep an eye on its own power. Also, I am still ok with Bixby and its uses, even though I could have done without a Bixby button.

If you are in the market for a new Android phone with a no-nonsense low light camera, and you have any phone before an S8, then you absolutely need to check out the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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RFMag Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Nyko Power Shell Case - $39.99

Nyko Power Shell Case – $39.99

For only $39.99, you get much more than just proper protection for your $300 gaming console investment. You also more than double your playing time on the go, backing up the Nintendo Switch’s 4310 mAh battery with a secondary 5000 mAh one. On top of that, Nyko even gives you a screen protector and cleaning cloth, which is something you may not even be considering at the time you start shopping for a hard case. This is an easy win-win purchase for anyone that plans to take their Nintendo Switch on long trips.

Recommended by Double-Jump

RFMag Holiday Gift Guide 2018: We Happy Few (PC, Xbox, & Playstation)

We Happy Few (PC, Xbox, & Playstation)

We Happy Few is a retro-futuristic RPG/Survival game set in a pseudo-utopian 1960. Game developed by Compulsion Games (relatively new developer), is a first-person action adventure game where you are trying to escape a drug-induced “feel good” environment. Your character stops taking his “Joy” which is a drug that prevents people from seeing what is actually happening around them. Once you escape your living compound you are thrust upon a crumbling society filled with crazy people who have taken one too many “Joy” pills in their day. You start as Arthur and will continue to play as two additional characters; Sally and Ollie, as the game progresses. Each character has their own special abilities and personal reasons for try to escape Wellington Wells. An abundance of melee weapons can be found and crafted to help you survive. You must find and/or create new attires throughout the game to help you fit in with the people around you. The more you stand out, the greater the chances of people not taking too kindly to you being around. Like any good survival game, it is important to stay properly nourished. If your character grows hungry or thirsty this will carry out negative affects and make things a bit more difficult. We Happy Few is a beautiful game, with a very unique story. It is a single player game which makes it great for anyone who loves playing a story based game without any distractions.

Recommended by Lil Nubi

RFMag Holiday Gift Guide 2018: CK550 Gaming Keyboard - Cooler Master Gaming Peripherals

CK550 Gaming Keyboard – Cooler Master Gaming Peripherals

CK550 Gaming Keyboard, MH752 Gaming Headset and the MM350 Gaming Mouse are the latest and greatest products from Cooler Master, who may not be the first ones you think about when thinking about your gaming gear but they should be! The CK550 with your choice of gaming switches (Red/Brown/Blue) will allow you to get a keyboard made specifically for you and your play style. The beautiful RGB lighting offers millions of color combinations and is greatly enhanced via the gaming software. Set macros to your liking with just a few easy clicks. The airbrushed aluminum keys and single key lighting makes this keyboard one of the best feeling and best-looking keyboards out there. Rated for 50 million plus key presses this will be your last keyboard for quite some time.

Recommended by Lil Nubi

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