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Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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Royal Flush Magazine Holiday Gift Guide
RFMag Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Nightingale™


Is there someone on your gift list that is having trouble getting a good night’s rest? The Nightingale Smart Sleep System might be exactly what they’ve been looking for. The Nightingale masks common indoor and outdoor noises that would normally disrupt your sleep by creating a unique sleep blanket in their bedroom. All they will have to do is simply plug in the system, customize the sounds and volume levels for their particular space. Once they find their ideal sleep blanket, they can look forward to nothing but great sleep nights from then on.

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RFMag Holiday Gift Guide 2017: ROCKETBOOK EVERLAST


While everything seems to be pushing towards digital, nothing seems to replicate the experience of using pen and paper. However, with the Everlast notebook, you can have that classic pen and paper experience while being able to easily scan them and transfer them to your favorite cloud services.

When you write using any pen from the Pilot Frixion line, your writing sticks to Everlast pages like regular paper but can be easily erased with a drop of water like magic!

The Everlast will be the perfect gift for any note taker on your list!

By partnering with Adopt a Classroom, Rocketbook is giving teachers 15% off all purchases when they use the code: Rocket4Teachers2017. In addition to the discount, $1 from all Rocketbook orders will go to Adopt a Classroom. The Rocketbook Wave, Everlast, and Color are all designed to be reusable and cloud-connected, which allows teachers to cut down on notebooks costs and enables them to easily access their notes on their favorite cloud services.

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RFMag Holiday Gift Guide 2017: HUAWEI Honor 6X


The HUAWEI Honor 6X is a solid smartphone for only $199! It features a dual-lens 12MP Camera which captures colorful HD photos with ultra-fast focus as well as a long-lasting battery that can last a full day on a single charge. The HUAWEI Honor 6X is capable of handling anything from gaming, to browsing, to listening to music or running multiple apps at the same time without losing a beat.

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RFMag Holiday Gift Guide 2017: HUAWEI Mate 9


The HUAWEI Mate 9 is the perfect phone for the photographer on your gift list. Featuring a Leica Dual Camera with a 12MP RGB sensor and 20MP monochrome sensor, the Mate 9 is able to render images in unprecedented detail with exceptional results that will take them from mere photography to artistry. Additionally, the phone features fast charge technology that can charge the phone in about 20 minutes. The EMUI 5.0 provides a uniquely, smart user interface.

Now $100 off on Amazon, Best Buy & Newegg until December 23rd!

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RFMag Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Samsung Galaxy S8 / Galaxy Note8

Samsung Galaxy S8 / Galaxy Note8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note8 are exceptional phones. They both feature a long lasting battery as well as stellar performance and outstanding camera. Samsung’s personal assistant, Bixby is always handy for performing tasks as well as assisting with translations.

However, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is the ultimate phone for any artist on your gift list. The S-Pen is one of the best styluses for illustration while on-the-go. The convenience of the pen is one of the absolute best features for this sleek mobile phone.

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