XBLA Indie Game Speed Run

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XBLA Indie Game Speed Run

So for those who may follow me on Twitter, which are not many of you, (Self-condemning remark to fish out more followers so I can feel more important) I have been on a Team Fortress 2 and Rock Band 2 binge. Those are my two fall back games when I have nothing better to do, we all have them. Even more awesome is that when I happen to have nothing interesting to play, the Engineer Update and the Creedence Clearwater Revival Rock Band pack happen to come out. So I have been jamming some “Travelin Man” and laying down some sentries and dispensers between the gaps between real work and sleep. Fast forward to right now (July 13 at ehhh 4:52pm EST) and I am waiting on my aunt to fly in 3 hours and I need something fun to do, but I have gotten tired of TF2 and RB2. So here is what my brain came up with, it might not be solving the worlds problems or defining art… but it should be fun.

So I have 230 Microsoft points left over from my RB2 song download spree, I also got some Jonathan Coulton RBN songs because I am a big dork. So I am going to go into Xbox’s Indie game catalog and download some demos and see if I can find some games worth getting that are under 230 points, and write about them as I go.

This is going to go by quick and I may have some spotty grammar as I am typing this as I go.
I’ll correct any really bad errors later.
As a certain well loved Italian plumber who lives in a crazy world that would make Salvador Dali perplexed

“Here We Go!”

Ok I like the goofy FUUUUUUU guy on the cover so I’ll give it a go. So the art style is cool and the game controls alright. You are trying to get into a chopper to save yourself from zombies one bad step and you die. But it is one of these Bit Trip Runner type games, except its randomly generated not rhythmic and goes on forever…. meh

aah little atlantis
So the game is quick to tell me if I buy this game rainbows appear in somewhere in the contryside, ok doesn’t do me much good, but lets see if its worth buying anyway. It looks and sounds a bit like an NES game. The tutorial is helpful but after the first one the game suggested I try to play the game without finishing, meh ok. [plays actual game] Bad idea, I have no clue what I am doing, but I am intrigued so back to the tutorials and, DAMN the game just told me my time is up and kicked me, Well I might be interested in this one NEXT.

Avatar Shatter
OHHH its me, and I have a gun, I think lets give it a try. Ok so I am shooting gems that pose no real threat to me, the game have almost no sound and what little there is its pretty quite, Kinda reminds me of geometry wars, except not easy to control and not really any good.

Zombie Estate
Oh another 8bit… ish game and its 4 player. Its kinda 3d and reminds me a little of Left 4k Dead (a pretty cool demake of left 4 dead) or I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMBIES mixed with some CoD Nazi Zombies style gameplay. I really dug this one, defiantly made up for how awful Avatar Shatter was.

Breath of Death VII
The cover reminds me of the old Dragon Warrior games on NES which I love, and JOY, its another 8 bit game… I am starting to see a theme here. Ok This just doesn’t just look like Dragon Warrior, It plays like it too, but in a parody kind of way, to be honest, I really don’t feel like reading and this game doesn’t look like its going to hold my attention well so meh, get it if you are a big old school RPG dork, you probably would like it more.

Avatar Racedome
I’ve played freeware racing games on PC that looked and played better than this… NEXT

Its Wii Music with Rock Band Stuff, but completely lacking in any features or musical guidance, which I guess what the point… I’ll pass although you did what you said you would do, so props for that

Avatar Karate
Its Like a Powerstone type thing except your avatars movements are weird, and the camera is braindead, ok graphics though. I don’t however like how the game tried to trick me into going to the buy screen by mapping A button to buy, B to go back to the game and X to actually quit. Just for that, no money for you, even if your game was good.

Avatar Onslaught
Another Avatar game… these guys have a facebook page, ok. Nice post processing effects, but the music and graphics are needlessly epic for what is basically space invaders with water balloons and avatars

Avatar Ninja
Another Bit Trip Runner type game, except this one has you constantly mashing A between obstacles, not fun.

So this game is basically Geometry Wars mixed with flOw, but instead of exacting your revenge on high school math, you get to lay down the hate on Biology. Might worth getting if the frame rate could actually keep up.

Try Not To Fart
So we have all been there I guess, talking up a girl at a bar and you have to fart… this game simulates that, pretty well I might add. I was actually surprised I kinda got into this one. The game basically starts throwing buttons at you and you have to hold that button until it tells you to let go, basically.. its twister with your fingers. As you do this, your character talks with a girl, the chatter kinda funny and goes well with the games theme. True the graphics look like a South Park fan fiction drawn in MS Paint, but its a pretty funny game. Might be worth 80ms points even

Missile Escape
In this game you are a jet tasked to avoid missiles being shot as you go up in level, then send more and more missiles at you. You cant shoot, and defend yourself, just dodge. But its a pretty fun game, and it looks pretty good for what it is.

Well, its now 6:30pm so I should wrap this up so I can post it up and get cleaned up. So I just downloaded and played 13 games in basically an hour and a half, not to shabby. Some games are pretty fun, most of, were not so much. I am not going to be able to play it further, but my winner is “Zombie Estate” with “Try not to Fart” just barely falling short because the graphics were so bad.


I may do this again, the whole experience of jetting from one game to another was actually pretty fun…. even if the most of game weren’t so much.