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What’s My Age Again? – Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition Review

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What’s My Age Again? – Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition Review

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since “Halo: Combat Evolved” released. Personally, I never got to play “Halo: CE” when it was originally released. So I was excited to hear that it was going to be re-released and remastered for the Xbox 360. And after playing the entire series to date, minus “Halo: CE” of course, I couldn’t wait to jump into the trenches again. Armed with an unbelievable pistol, I was ready to kick some ass!



The campaign and multiplayer are disjointed experiences. If you’ve played Reach, then you’ll be familiar with the Halo: CE‘s multiplayer experience. It was exactly ported from it with the remade anniversary maps. I guess this was done if folks haven’t picked up Reach, would be able to check out what they were missing out on. And, seriously, these new maps are extremely fun! Everyone who has played through Halo: CE instantly remembered the classic maps. The only problem I saw here was that there was no real way to tell how massive these new maps were! Playing a local 4-player match and finding out that it takes an annoying amount of time to find each other isn’t totally fun. Plus, it deterred from the overall killing and maiming. Playing hide and seek in a versus match is not what I had in mind sometimes.

However, Halo for me will always be a co-op experience. It’s more fun to play with friends. Hands down.

Whether it’s online in a multiplayer match or playing through the campaign, it’s fun to experience the gameplay with a friend. And with that said, grab a buddy and play through the newly remastered campaign even if you’re like me and haven’t played through the original. It’s also interesting to switch over to the classic game and play through the game that started the entire Halo franchise. And believe me, when you switch to classic, it’s like you’re stepping into a time capsule. A time capsule filled with memories of how console graphics used to be: All jagged-y and choppy…Yippee!



Furthermore, Halo: CE features some Kinect features that I, honestly, wasn’t too interested in. Yes, the Kinect is a cool device. And, yes, I am well aware that I can talk to it but let’s face it: I’m almost always in an Xbox Live Party. Whenever I talk and interact with the Kinect, my entire party hears it. This annoys them greatly. So, I was extremely reluctant to check out these features because what you can to in-game with the Kinect is chuck grenades and switch between the two gameplay graphic settings. Both of which are things that I would naturally want to do with a controller and not yell at the Kinect. Additionally, there is a library section where you can analyze enemies and items found in game. This might be the only reason worth hooking up a Kinect to play. But seriously, I would like to plan through the story first before playing around with this since I have never played through Halo: CE.

So, the bottom line is, if you’re a Halo fan, you’ve already gotten this game by now. And if you are curious about what may happen in Halo 4, then chances are you will pick up Halo: CE. But overall, this a must buy for any Halo fan or newbie alike.

I just wish it had the UI I love so much from Halo: Reach. But a girl can dream…



Platform: Xbox 360 (Live enabled)  | Publisher: Microsoft Studios | Developer: 343 Industries/Saber Interactive Inc./Certain Affinity Inc. | Category: Shooter | Release Date: November 15th, 2011