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Walking Dead Release Trailer

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Walking Dead Release Trailer

I can’t speak for everyone here at Royal Flush, but I like Walking Dead; the zombie violence, human drama… unlike most zombie works, the world of Walking Dead feels like it could really happen. I also enjoy Tell Tale and Adventure games, I case you didn’t notice from my favorable reviews of  Sam and Max from literally forever ago. The Walking Dead the game is a new story in the comic universe and will be broken up into five Episodes starting today and rolled out over each next month or so. Check out the story trailer below, and screenshot on the full page.

Walking Dead Episode 1 “A New Day” will be available to download on Steam for Mac and PC, PlayStation Network by April 25th and on Xbox Live Arcade soon after in the US, Canada and Europe.


Platform: PC, Mac, XBLA, PSN  | Publisher: Tell Tale Games, Skybound| Developer: Airtight Games | Category: Adeventure
Release Date: April 25th