Ubisoft E3 Highlights

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Ubisoft E3 Highlights

Ubisoft came out with the an apologetic tone, it’s no secret to them that between multiple botched Assassins Creeds, the intrusive nature of Uplay, excessive delayed games and the lack luster performance of Watch Dogs; they have a lot to prove. Ubisoft met this criticism head on and announced a solid collection of games that plays to the best aspects of the publisher.


  • South Park: the Fractured Butthole: The follow up to the rated RPG South Park: the Stick of Truth. The new game now featuring the kid’s from South Park as their Super Hero alter-egos exploring the history of the new kid’s  and he/she’s amazing butthole.


  • For Honor: A medieval multiplayer game focused on hand to hand battles between knights, samurai, and vikings. The featured 4 v 4 game featured numerous AI foot soldiers with player taking the role of powerful generals.


  • The Crew Wild Run: an expansion to the popular racing game that includes new tracks, cars, and a graphical overhaul
  • Trials Fusion Awesome Level MAX: an expansion for Trials Fusion, It has a cat with a gun riding a fire breathing unicorn…. so, yeah


  • Tom Clancy’s The Divison: An online multiplayer open world coop shooter taking place in a virus stricken New York. The Dark Zone area was featured, a completely unstructured pvp area where players can fight the enemies units for loot, or betray other players or even your team to steal their loot. Launching March 8th 2016.


  • Anno 2205 sequel to the city builder Anno 2070, now featuring space travel.


  • Just Dance 2016: The game no longer requires a kinect camera on Xbox or Move on PS4. The game can now pair with a smart phone to function as a motion controller. The game also is launching a subscription  streaming service with Just Dance Unlimited.


  • Rainbow Six Siege: Terrohunt returns with coop and single player against AI that is sophisticated enough to react and use the destructive and defensive elements of the game. The player beta starts on September 24th 2015 on all platforms, go to http://rainbow6.com to find out more details.


  • Trackmania Turbo: The popular PC, track builder focused racer is coming to consoles. 200 tracks are included with the game with a new random track maker.
  • Assassins Creed Syndicate: Taking place in Industrial 1868 London, the game now includes a grappling hook and a focus on changing the townfolk’s hearts and minds to join you in taking back London from Victorian capitalist.




  • Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands: Team based tactical open world shooter taking place in South America. That’s a ton of buzz words.