Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller (T.A.C.) Review

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Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller (T.A.C.) Review


With the optional Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller (T.A.C.), you can give your Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset DTS™ Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound, Turtle Beach’s Superhuman Hearing™, and the ability to tune your headset to your liking. However, the Elite Pro T.A.C. is more than just an audio controller as it can be used as an external USB 7.1 Surround Sound card on your PC.

The T.A.C. amplifies the Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset, allowing you to truly appreciate the quality of the headset’s drivers. With the T.A.C., you can fine-tune incoming and outgoing sound with analog dials, ensuring that you’re hearing the game, others are hearing you and you are hearing yourself exactly the way you like it. Outbound Mic Boost works perfectly for both loud and low talkers, allowing them to speak normally while compensating in outbound volume with a simple dial. Mic Monitor Level, a feature I always need, allows users to be self-aware of their own voice. With the kind of sound isolation that the Elite Pro provides by design, even your own voice is quite suppressed by the ear cups. That’s definitely a credit to the ear cups, but Mic Monitoring is almost suggested, whether you implement it with the T.A.C. or using the already available functions on the Xbox One, PC, etc.

Background Noise Limiter does just that, giving you precise control over how much the sound the mic actually picks up. There’s also a chat and game sound balancer as well as EQ buttons for toggling the various audio settings available to you.


Using the T.A.C. on your console? Feed the optical cable to your console to tap into the best quality sound your console can provide. Using the T.A.C. on your PC? Just connect it via USB to gain an external sound card with practical controls at your fingertips. In a tournament or LAN party setting where you just want to establish a local area chat network? Multiple T.A.C.’s can be daisy-chained using Ethernet cables, allowing you to set up a chat network on the fly, regardless of the gaming console you’re using.

I have to admit that the Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller is quite an intuitive piece of equipment. I initially had misgivings towards suggesting a separate accessory to give more power to the Turtle Beach Elite Pro. The Elite Pro is an impressive headset on its own, with usability with any system that can deal sound via a 3.5mm jack. PC Gamers that use chat services such as Ventrillo, TeamSpeak, or even the new Discord already have access to the kind of features that the T.A.C. provides. So why bother giving it a look?

The answer lies in its many applications. The Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller gives you Turtle Beach’s surround presentation and Super Human hearing on all current-gen platforms. The kind of standard audio tuning options that are common to PC gamers are now available to console gamers. With gaming settings and surroundings being constantly subject to change, it’s pretty nice being able to alter your voice, alter your friends’ voices, and tweak incoming sound at the highest quality your system can provide, all while never having to minimize your game.

It is quite the luxury to the hardcore gamer with many gaming platforms and a handy tool for the traveling professional gamer. The T.A.C. provides a slew of features that are platform agnostic. All of the features are available regardless of current-gen console brand or PC. If there was any snag at all, it would lie in the T.A.C.’s potential to literally snag, with its wires. In order to feed your Elite Pro with lag-free 7.1 surround sound, you need the assortment of wires the T.A.C. comes with. It’s negligible with PC and more apparent with console gaming.

With the PC, it’s just one mini USB from the T.A.C. to the PC, and the 3.5mm line from the Elite Pro to the T.A.C.; A pretty simple set-up with full T.A.C. functionality. To use the Xbox One setup as an example, you would need to run the following wires to and from your Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller:


  • Elite Pro headset to T.A.C.
  • Optical cable from T.A.C. to Xbox One
  • Mini USB cable from T.A.C. to any power source
  • Xbox One chat cable from T.A.C. to controller.

I’m pretty utilitarian in that wires do not bother me as long as the results are worth it. The Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller delivered excellent results and was a welcomed addition to my gaming set-up. That said, I wouldn’t suggest it for the causal gamer that takes pride in their wireless-ness or portability. Speaking still for the Xbox One setup, even though the wires are quite long and accommodating, the T.A.C. will still need to sit next to you, especially if your controller is connected to it.

Anyone between a hardcore and a professional gamer should not pass up on checking out a tool like the T.A.C., which gives them so much tangible control over thier audio experience. If you’re not a stickler for wires or you own more than one gaming platform, the T.A.C. is an interesting add-on that you should consider. It’s nice the Turtle Beach made it optional, leaving it up to the buyer to decide how immersive they want their experience to be.

The Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller (T.A.C.) will run you $199.99 can be found on Turtle Beach’s website here

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