Turn Up – The Volume Mixer For Gamers

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Turn Up – The Volume Mixer For Gamers

Alright folks what we have here is something that I’ve been looking to buy for years. Literally. Every few months or so I would Google an assortment of words trying to find a device like the Turn Up Tech Mixer. What is it and why did I want it so badly? I wanted a device that had physical knobs or sliders that would easily integrate with the software on my PC. I didn’t want a software equivalent because in all fairness they’re shit, not intuitive and require you to leave your program to toggle the volume with virtual sliders. NOT COOL. Not sure why anybody would want that or how that even helps. Turn Up makes adjusting the volume levels on an array of different programs easy as…turning a knob.

Easy as 1, 2, 3…seriously. Plug the Turn Up unit into your PC using the USBC to USB. Fire up the software and let your imagination run wild. Control 5 different sources with the volume knobs, and 5 other devices using the shortcut volumes. For example, I’m a streamer who games a lot which means I need to control the volume of several different things but all at different levels. Knob one is my Master volume. Quickly adjust the volume of everything with a slight turn of a knob. Knob two I have programmed to control my Discord Volume. Controlling chat volume is vital as you need to be able to hear it, but it can’t be overpowering where you friends are screaming over the game. Knob three for me is my Spotify. Depending on what activity I’m taking part of, sometimes I need my music to be super ambient and other times I need it to get pumped. Knob four is the game that I’m playing. I always have it set up because each game defaults to a very different volume, most of the time it can be deafening when you first launch your favorite title until you go into the settings to change it. But why do that when you can simply…turn a knob? Lastly I have the fifth knob to control the brightness of my monitor. You may want to control something totally different and you absolutely can. Mic volume? Sure. Chrome volume? Why not? The possibilities really are endless when you have five different programmable knobs at your disposal. Just the same, you have these five bonus toggle switches that can also control many other things as well.

I know what you’re thinking, gee…I bet it takes forever to program because boy does it sound complicated. Well…it DOESN’T! The software makes programming the knobs and switches easy and in just minutes. Hell, you can even change the colors of the LED display to whatever you want. Once again, this was made by gamers, for gamers. While the device can handle complicated tasks, it could not be easier to use.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an early access demo unit. We had a lot of fun trying to break it (not physically, I would never hurt such a beautiful piece of tech). Like any device in beta, we ran into some bugs but were able to hammer them out no problem. Michael and Jared (the minds behind Turn Up) were able to work out any issues I had within hours and no matter what I throw at it I am unable to create any more issues with it. Michael and Jared absolutely know what they are doing when it comes to creating a tool that all gamers will need to get their hands on.

I don’t want you to take just my word for it though. Turn Up hit their Kickstarter goal of just under $11k in less than 24 hours. As I write this article they have raised over $40k which just goes to show that this was a much-needed device.

If you want to get your hands on the Turn Up mixer I would highly encourage you to head over to their Kickstarter page right this second! We have less than a week to go to get your pre-orders in and have it delivered by this upcoming Spring. Weren’t able to pre-order it in time? No problem, just head over to their official site and order it for yourself, or for that special gamer in your life. With an entry-level price of $65, you aren’t going to find anything like this out there, trust me…I’ve been looking for years. I am nothing but honest when it comes to reviewing anything gaming related, especially when it comes from a company that I’ve never heard of. You can take it to the bank when I say that this is worth every penny. Don’t let the opportunity to be one of the first people to own your very on Turn Up Mixer!