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Mindless Distruction! Tower of Guns Game Review

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Mindless Distruction! Tower of Guns Game Review


Ever just want to pick up the controller and shoot stuff? Sure, you do other things like move around and jump, but at the core you want lots of bullets and lots of explosions. Sometimes it’s just the simpler gameplay that can be the most addictive. Gripgames understands this, hence their latest crack at first person shooters in the form of Tower of Guns. Tower of Guns (or “ToG”) is your simple, campy and somewhat nostalgic shooter that keeps action levels high and complexity down. RFMag takes a stab at this $14.99 game, released last week for PS3, PS4, Xbox One and PC.


This game’s pace starts off fast. Pick a gun, pick a perk, and start. Death will send you back to stage one whether you like it or not, so some control of your mayhem is necessary. Guns and perks are not too hard to unlock, so you’ll get your hands on the rest of your toys soon enough.


The game will introduce you to the basics right away, telling you about your health bar and gun XP bar. In the very next room, well, anything could happen as the rooms and enemies are random. In your very first enemy experience, can be greeted with a slew of cannons, razor blade dispensers, automated spinning blades, or a pleasant assortment of these amongst other baddies. You’re right into the fray, dodging all kinds of insanity while never releasing the trigger.

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