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This Week in Gaming

This Week in Gaming

Welcome to This Week in Gaming at RFMag. This week was a week filled of unveiling. From games to future plans, it seems like the gaming season is heating up with a ton of upcoming reveals and releases!

• At a New York City EA event this week, FUSE turned out to be the most talked about game. Here’s a quick snippet about FUSE from the game’s official website and the reveal trailer is included below:

What happens when humans gain access to powerful alien technology they were never meant to have? When a volatile energy source called Fuse falls into the wrong hands, the CIA calls in an elite contact team to retrieve it: Overstrike 9. Join up to three friends in team-based co-op play as you take down the rogue paramilitary corporation behind the theft. Use lethal teamwork, coordinate devastating attacks, and provide cover for one another with fringe-tech weapons and gadgets. The unique LEAP feature lets you instantly shift from agent to agent during combat, allowing you to take advantage of each one’s special arsenal. You’ll need your teammates and their firepower to stop a global arms race from spinning out of control.

• Would you pre-order a game even before it’s announced? That’s what the folks over at 11Bit Studios are hoping for. According to the studio’s website, you can pre-order their next upcoming Steam title before it’s official announcement on February 28th. They have a full FAQ on there that answers all the “what the hell” questions you might have. Check out the 11Bit Studio website for the trailer, screenshot and if you’re adventurous, how to buy.

• In games I have been stalking news, Shack News posted up a preview that still has me going “When can I playz?” They do an excellent job of covering all of the game’s features, so I highly recommend checking the post out here.

• It’s so hard to keep secrets it seems. See why in this Gamasutra article: EA’s money man spills the beans on its next-gen plans.

• And finally, on Sunday we all FINALLY get to learn about what the hell Bungie’s been doing all this time since it’s departure from Microsoft. So, be sure to check out Bungie’s website this Sunday, February 17th, 2013 at 10AM PST to find out more! I also recommend checking out this Polygon article of their recent tour through the Bungie studio.

• Bonus! Remember, you had one job!