This Week in Gaming – E3 Edition (Week Ending 6/3/12)

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This Week in Gaming – E3 Edition (Week Ending 6/3/12)
This week I think shall refrain from the regular gaming news recap and just go straight into the E3 links you need to know. If you’re not sure what E3 is, it stands for the Electronic Entertainment Expo and it used to be sole source for huge gaming announcements. Over the years that has changed a bit, with other conferences becoming the spotlight for gaming announcements but E3 remains and with it comes the annual press conferences from the major names in gaming.

Over the coming week, everyone’s Twitter / Facebook/ Instagram feeds will be filled with gaming news reactions. After the jump, I’ll run through all the links you need to know so you can feel like you’re in the know. 🙂



Nintendo has made it easy for everyone to join their E3 press conferences by setting up a single destination complete with calendar reminders. Feel free to visit: http://e3.nintendo.com for all E3 details.


Microsoft is doing a similar thing setting up http://www.xbox.com/en-US/e3 complete with links that allow you to watch the conference from Xbox Live, mobile phone, and Facebook.


Sony has setup their own E3 headquarters at http://us.playstation.com/e3-2012/ with a breakdown on highlights of upcoming games. Let me know if you notice a title that appears out of place.


Ubisoft always holds a conference of their own and have set up their headquarters on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ubisoft


Konami already aired their pre-E3 show highlighting some notable titles like Metal Gear and Castlevania and can be viewed here: http://events.konami.com/

However, be sure to keep an eye out on http://konami.com/e3 because who knows what other goodies might show up there.


While no one from the Flush crew will be attending E3, be sure to follow myself, Modest Law and Steph on Twitter because I’m sure our twitter timelines will be filled with tweets, retweets and commentary during all the conferences. Be sure to join the conservation!