The Beatles Rock Band Sneak Peek!

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The Beatles Rock Band Sneak Peek!


It’s no secret that I absolutely love and adore Rock Band and to my lovely surprise Harmonix was having a private demo for their latest upcoming title: The Beatles Rock Band.

For anyone who may not know about the Rock Band phenomenon, just close your eyes for a sec. Now imagine yourself alone in your living room and clanking up your home stereo’s volume to 11 and playing an awesome air guitar riff.

Still following me? Good.

Now imagine yourself in your living room again but this time, imagine three friends there with you. A singer, a drummer on a electric drum looking controller while you and your best bud play the same guitar riff you were imagining earlier except this time you’re on a plastic guitar shaped controller. That is the essence of Rock Band.

The Beatles Rock Band allows you to play as any one of the band members while either playing guitar, bass, drums or vocals to many of their classic songs. Needless to say, Harmonix is extremely excited about the games release.

Best Game EVER!

Yes, that’s what Harmonix thinks about their latest addition into the Rock Band family, The Beatles Rock Band as I sat down for an intimate demo of the anticipated title. While I didn’t grow up during the whole Beatles phenomenon, I am able to appreciate what they contributed to the rock genre. My mom used to play their albums endlessly while growing up and whenever I’m in Atlantic City, I try my best to convince my boyfriend to take me to see the impersonators playing in a Casino showroom. A guilty pleasure I absolutely love and since I’m already addicted to Rock Band, you can only guess how gitty I got when the title was first announced!

Since it’s announcement, The Beatles Rock Band has established itself apart from it’s predecessors. First off, this game is totally for vocalists this time around! YAY!

Featuring a new unique Vocal Training Mode, that has been lacking in the previous Rock Band games, this training mode actually teaches you to sing in three-part harmony! You’ll be able to practice any part of the three part harmony and switch between each melody. But what’s really cool, is if you’re stuck in a particular portion of a song, you’ll be able to practice that pesky section giving you trouble. This is something that previous games lack for vocal trainers. Sure a tutorial is nice but being able to practice a particular section was something that was only saved for *ahem* actual performers like guitarists, bassists, and drummers. It’s refreshing to finally see the same treatment given to vocalists for once.

But what’s a Beatles game without the songs!

Here’s the complete list so far:

  • “I Saw Her Standing There” (Announced at E3)
  • “I Want To Hold Your Hand” (Announced at E3)
  • “I Feel Fine” (Announced at E3)
  • “Taxman” (Announced at E3)
  • “Day Tripper” (Announced at E3)
  • “Back In The USSR” (Announced at E3)
  • “I Am The Walrus” (Announced at E3)
  • “Octopus’s Garden” (Announced at E3)
  • “Here Comes The Sun” (Announced at E3)
  • “Get Back”   (Announced at E3)
  • “Twist And Shout” (New)
  • “Do You Want To Know A Secret” (New)
  • “Can’t Buy Me Love” (New)
  • “I Wanna Be Your Man” (New)
  • “Eight Days A Week” (New)
  • “Paperback Writer” (New)
  • “And Your Bird Can Sing” (New)
  • “Sgt. Pepper’s LHCB” (New)
  • “With a Little Help from My Friends” (New)
  • “Within You Without You / Tomorrow Never Knows* (New)
  • “Yellow Submarine” (New)
  • “Revolution” (New)
  • “Birthday” (New)
  • “Dig A Pony” (New)
  • “I’ve Got A Feeling” (New)

Impressive list so far! And while the note charts in the following screenshots are totally Rock Band, the overall look and feel of the game is totally unique.




I absolutely can’t wait for it to hit the store shelves on 9.9.09! It’ll be available for Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3, Wii.