SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Headset for PS4 & PC – Review

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SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Headset for PS4 & PC – Review

Features (Continued)

Reading the LCD screen is not a problem on the PC since you are most likely sitting right next to the transmitter, where you can simply just reach for the transmitter’s control dial directly. In addition, you get more customization options when you are browsing directly on the transmitter itself. Going into the system options, you can control mic side tone, the brightness of the mic mute LED, the transmitter screen brightness, or choose the screens to make available when tweaking options on the fly.

Furthermore, when using the Arctis Pro Wireless on the PC, you get a bit more customization options available to you via the SteelSeries Engine desktop app. As you can see below, you can tweak the majority of aforementioned options directly from the app as well as create and save customization profiles that automatically load up with specific games.

The onboard mic mute button is a bit larger this time around, making it much easier to find than the way it was with the previous Arctis headsets. The mic mute button works in all usage scenarios, regardless of whether you are using the headset wired (ie powered off) or wirelessly. If you are using the headset wirelessly (ie powered on), the head of the microphone illuminates a bright red. With this red light in your face, this continues to be the clearest indicator of a muted mic that I’ve used on any headset to date. If you find it to be too bright, you can always adjust its brightness, or turn off the LED all together.

I simply love the robust feature set the Arctis Pro Wireless gives you. You can have the level of customization that is usually exclusive to PC-exclusive headset setups, but now also with your console. You can even customize and personalize your very own EQ settings on the fly for use on the PS4. Sure, many gaming console-specific headsets let you change between EQ settings. However, the majority of them do not allow you to make your own personal EQ setting to suit your tastes and save it for future use. Being able to control the level of side tone, brightness of LEDs and other options straight from the transmitter is a luxury that you should expect from a headset of this cost.

Couple that with a set of onboard features like a retractable mic, onboard mic muting, and a 3.5mm wired option and you have yourself a headset for literally any listening scenario. Despite the fact that this is marketed as a PC and PS4 headset, SteelSeries’ website even has FAQ’s in place explaining how to rig the headset for use with the Xbox One. Not to mention, thanks to all of the options you can customize on the transmitter, you can tweak your experiences on this otherwise unadvertised setup as well. Having a feature set like this for almost any gaming scenario is nothing short of impressive.

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