SteelSeries Arctis 9X Available Today for Xbox One

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SteelSeries Arctis 9X Available Today for Xbox One

Today, SteelSeries reveals the Arctis 9X for Xbox One, the first member of the Arctis family of gaming headsets designed specifically for the Xbox One. The 9X features Xbox Wireless connectivity for clean and easy setup as well as simultaneous Bluetooth audio which SteelSeries touts will make this the premier wireless headset for Xbox gamers.

“The Arctis family is the fastest growing headset brand in the world,” said SteelSeries CEO, Ehtisham Rabbani. “We know Xbox gamers have been clamoring for an Arctis for Xbox for a long time, so we’re delighted to finally introduce the newest addition of our Arctis line made specifically for them.”

Source: SteelSeries Press Release

The Arctis 9X connects directly to the Xbox One similarly as a wireless controller. This hassle-free setup will have gamers gaming within seconds with no cable or dongle required. Featuring full integration with the Xbox, gamers can balance the game and chat volumes on the fly using the on-headset ChatMix control. They can even see the headset’s battery level from the Xbox dashboard.

“We worked with Microsoft directly to create a brand-new Xbox Wireless solution from the ground up,” said Brian Fallon, Senior Product Category Manager of Audio at SteelSeries. “As a result, we’ve created the highest quality implementation of the Xbox Wireless connection seen on an Xbox headset to-date.”

Source: SteelSeries Press Release

The Arctis 9X is equipped with dual wireless technology which allows gamers to enjoy any additional Bluetooth-enabled device while gaming. They can take calls, listen to music, or VoIP chat while mixing in-game audio from their Xbox. The headset can also be taken on the go with independent Bluetooth wireless audio. The retractable ClearCast microphone promises to deliver studio-quality voice clarity as well as background noise cancellation. Competitive gamers can rely on clear, noise-free communication from the bi-directional ClearCast mic.

The headset utilizes the award-winning Arctis soundscape to emphasize subtle, yet critical sounds. Making use of Xbox’s native Windows Sonic Spatial Audio gamers will be able to lose themselves in the game as every ricochet, shuffling zombie and engine roar comes to life around them. Additionally, gamers will not have to worry about constantly having to charge the Arctis 9X. The headset is estimated to provide up to 20 hours of battery life.

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The Arctis 9X is available now for $199.99 at