Spacetime Studios Debuts New Franchise: Battle Dragons

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Spacetime Studios Debuts New Franchise: Battle Dragons

It’s been awhile since we’ve shared a little bit of gaming news with you folks. Today, we’ll take a look at Battle Dragons, a new mobile game and franchise where you can “[build] your Fortress [and] raise a dragon army”†. Available soon for both Android and iOS, Battle Dragons appears to be a nifty little game. Who doesn’t want to raise a dragon army and battle?

There are ten different dragon types you can battle with as well as upgrade. Everything from builder to healer is available at your command and since you will never be able to command a dragon army in real life, why not start one on your phone?


The only thing that seems uncertain is the overall pace of the game since the trailer appears to have fast-forwarded through and included only the good parts. But, nonetheless, I am intrigued! Take a peek at the trailer below and read through the press release after the jump! And just for fun, I’ve also included some screenshots.

Spacetime Games, whose first four titles have amassed more than 250 million play sessions, has unveiled its first combat strategy game, Battle Dragons. The new title is available for Android users in Canada and Australia today. Gamers worldwide can download the game when it arrives in all other regions in late July on Android and early August on iOS.

In Battle Dragons, players command an army of ferocious, powerful dragons. To achieve a victory, players must collect resources, fortify their bases and form strategic alliances with other players, called “Dragon Tribes,” as they make their journey from chieftain of a small tribe to a mighty leader that rules the Dragon Nations. – Press Release


† Information and imagery provided by Spacetimes Games Battle Dragonsofficial website.