Socialize with New 3DS StreetPass Games

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Socialize with New 3DS StreetPass Games


StreetPasses have been a fun feature to the 3DS that encourages players to carry their systems with them in order to interact with neighboring 3DS owners. Today 3Ds owners received a nice little surprise. Nintendo has released an official update that improves and expands the functions included in the StreetPass Plaza, in addition to four new games available for purchase. Each game costs $4.99 or you can save $5 by buying the bundle pack that includes all four games. For those of you looking on registering for the $30 in eShop credit through Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Awakening/Shin Megami Tensie IV promotion, this is something to take a look at.)

The update will automatically download. So if you have not turned your system on yet, go ahead and do so now.  For those of you want wanting to know more about the update, check out our detailed break down after the jump.

The StreetPass Plaza has a new, clean look to it. You can still browse through the sea of Miis you have collected via StreetPasses, but the mini game plaza itself looks more inviting. You and the active Miis from your recent passes travel around the cobblestone pathway to each mini game where you can then jump into the adventure. In addition to the exterior improvements, users can now select one of six expressions for their Mii to have while greeting newcomers to their Plaza. A very simple addition but ones that gives you slightly more customization options to better build your own personal identity to share with others. Four new puzzles are being added to Puzzle Swap; each player will get one free piece from one of the new puzzles while the three will need to be collected from other players.

Touch-screen controls have also been added to allow you to quickly access the games if you choose.

Nintendo has released four new games that can be purchased from the eShop. Each game costs $4.99 or you can save $5 by buying the bundle pack that includes all four games. Each games exactly like the two free StreetPass games. You pass other 3DS owners and collect their Miis to use to progress through your games or spend Play Coins to make up for a lack of Miis.

Mii Force has you belonging to an elite space police force. The galaxy is under attack and you’re requested to go defend it in a simplistic, side-scrolling shooter styled game. The more squad members you recruit via StreetPasses, the strong your ship becomes and the more weapons you have to use.

Flower Town will appeal to the Harvest Moon crowd. You basically have a virtual garden that you can customize and is shared with other players. Other Miis will water your vegetation. The more the plans are watered, the faster they will bloom. Once they have bloomed, you can harvest their seeds that can be stored. Players can cross pollinate their plants in order to bloom rare or unique breeds of plants. You can then visit the shop to buy decorations to make your plant plots or garden stand out against other players’ gardens.

Warrior’s Way is like a cross between Find Mii and Fire Emblem without the turn-base battling. In it, you build up an army based on the Mii population other players have in their plaza. This means if you pass someone who has a hundred Miis in their plaza, you gain a hundred new soldiers to your field. There are twenty countries to conquer which are done in a rock-paper-scissors style battle. You try to predict what strategy your opponent will use and then counter it.

The final game is Monster Manor which sends you to a haunted house. You are a detective trying to solve the mystery behind the giant manor. Pieces of the map are collected by Miis you StreetPass that opens up new areas and rooms in the house. Like Puzzle Swap, you pick a piece from the other player that has a unique shape to it that you then place on your map to create your own labyrinth to explore as you try to locate the staircase hidden somewhere. Once you have found the staircase, you can progress to the next floor. Each piece also has a color to it; by combing pieces of the same color, you create rooms that contain items. You also have to battle your way through the manor. A small collection of upgradable weapons can be found and you can also partner up with other players to get some support as you progress through the game.

Completing certain accomplishments will award you tickets that you take to the Exchange Booth. The tickets are turned in for new outfits and hats that are used to customize the look of your Mii. Nintendo has stated that the selection of outfits change daily and may include, but are not limited to: a Luigi costume, Super Star Hat, and many more. For more information, check out Nintendo’s web site or explore the games yourself at your local StreetPass Plaza.