Snakebyte Tough:Case for Nintendo Switch Review

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Snakebyte Tough:Case for Nintendo Switch Review

If you got your hands on a Nintendo Switch and you are feeling antsy about dropping the slender and slick portable console, there may be a solution for you. Snakebyte, maker of gaming peripherals and accessories, has collections of products for your various gaming needs. Snakebyte has products for all of the major gaming platforms, so it should come to no surprise that they have you taken care of for the Nintendo Switch. Here, we took a look at their Nintendo Switch Tough Case, offered in both Black and Stawberry Pink colors.

Coming in at a laughably low price of $14.99, the Snakebyte Tough Case snaps onto your Nintendo Switch in seconds. It is a quick and easy install that wraps around the bulk of the Nintendo Switch. Of course, there are necessary gaps for bumpers, triggers, cartridge slots, speakers and vents. With the exception of the gaps for the bumper and trigger buttons, the case gives you confidence-inducing protection for the console’s top, sides, bottom and back.

The case’s simple design is also pretty pleasing to the eye. The clear back showcases the Nintendo Switch labeling. This is especially nice if you applied a decorative skin to your Nintendo Switch as you will be able to view the skin through the case’s rear. As a big plus, the case makes the Nintendo Switch much easier and more comfortable to hold as you play. The case’s rounded handles combined with the exteriors’ hard rubber-like skin allow for an excellent grip that shouldn’t slip your hands easily. However if you are still anxious about droppage, feel free to run a wrist wrap through the included wrist wrap slot on the lower right of the case.

Sure, you can drop the Nintendo Switch on its face or on the top corners to still produce damage. Yet, I cannot imagine a way you can protect those sides with a case while still keeping the console playable or comfortable to use. In addition, unless you drop the console directly against the screen in some freakish way, you are mostly bound to damage the Joy Cons. In a worst-case scenario, I would sooner prefer to have to replace a Joy Con than the Nintendo Switch console itself.

If I were to take anything away from the case, it would be for the button “shells” around the power and volume buttons. Sadly, the case does not sit flush enough against these buttons, causing you to have to put some extra effort or force to press them. Luckily, these are not buttons that need to be pressed urgently in the heat of gameplay, so I did not want to bash these button coverings too much.

The Snakebyte Tough Case for the Nintendo Switch gives you great bang for your buck if you are looking into fast and simple protection for your Nintendo Switch. It gives you a nice thick shell that protects the bulk of the console, while only exposing the parts that make sense. As a bonus, the otherwise thin console becomes so much easier to handle, allowing for comfortable play on the go for longer periods of time. For only $14.99, the The Snakebyte Tough Case for the Nintendo Switch is a steal that you should definitely check out.

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