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SDCC 2014: Forza Horizon 2

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SDCC 2014: Forza Horizon 2


Fans of Forza Motorsport 5 are in for a treat. Announced at E3, Forza Horizon 2 promises to surpass its predecessor in 4 key areas: beauty, freedom, action-packed fun, and online/social connectivity. Banking off of the console power of the Xbox One, Turn 10 with developer Playground Games aimed towards making their car / racing game scream next gen. Launching in the US on September 30, 2014, Forza Horizon 2 will house over 200 cars, a new multiplayer experience, and a highly explorable open world. Exceeding Forza Motorsport 5, a game recognized as the “Racing Game of the Year” at the 2014 DICE awards, is no easy task. At San Diego Comic Con, RF Mag sat with publisher Turn 10 to go over Forza Horizon 2, the latest from the racing Forza Motorsport franchise.


Forza Horizon 2 will display the beauty of its robust vehicle collection throughout a European landscape in 1080p. Players will experience the open world backed a day/night cycle and a new dynamic weather system. Turn 10 remarked that you are not just looking at a sky painted blue but a simulation of particles in the atmosphere. The graphics engine displays realistic lighting that passes through those sky particles and shines accurately throughout the various counters of the vehicle. Rainy weather conditions don’t just make the road shiny. Water fills cracks in the roads to emulate real puddle formations. You can see for yourself exactly how impressive these cars look in the varying conditions.

e3-press-kit-15-wm-forza-horizon2 e3-press-kit-03-wm-forza-horizon2 e3-press-kit-01-wm-forza-horizon2

Experience this enhanced graphics display anywhere you want in a vast new open world. Drive off-road anywhere you want anytime you want, not just along the sides of the road. The world’s creation is based on a simple concept: If your car can drive there in real-life then you should be able to drive there in-game. Explore the open world to find hidden items off-road, Drivatars to race, or simply to meet other racers. Drivatars, the in-game cpu-controlled drivers trained by real players, are back in a big way. As you drive around in your open world you can encounter them at any time and race them by drifting close to them and challenging them. Drivatars put your friends in your world even when they are not online.


This leads into Forza Horizon 2’s new online and social experience. No more lobby-waits separate you between playing by yourself or with others. Seamlessly transition between solo and multiplayer gameplay as you can:

  • Join friends online and free roam together
  • Compete in races and team modes
  • Take part in co-op Bucket List challenges
  • Join or create your own Car Club of up to 1000 members to expand your network of friends and compete in the leaderboards

Additionally as you play, your very own Drivatar is being trained by you, and will roam in the open worlds of others when you are offline. Should your Drivatar defeat others in races or challenges, those rewards will be waiting for you to collect when you come back online. Be sure to drive and race with style, pulling off jumps or swift close-call dodges, as you will further be rewarded skill points by Forza Horizon 2. Those skill points can be used to purchase a selection of perks for you and your vehicles to further enhance your overall experience.

This “celebration of cars” has the promise to suck you in whether you are a racing gamer or not. San Diego Comic Con goers were sure to get to the demo consoles at Xbox’s gaming lounge at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. Don’t let our shots of the booth fool you as we took them before the populous swarmed the lounge. Here are even more shots of the Xbox exclusive Forza Horizon 2 just in case you’re still curious.

 e3-press-kit-14-wm-forza-horizon2 e3-press-kit-13-wm-forza-horizon2 e3-press-kit-12-wm-forza-horizon2 e3-press-kit-11-wm-forza-horizon2 e3-press-kit-09-wm-forza-horizon2

e3-press-kit-08-wm-forza-horizon2 e3-press-kit-07-wm-forza-horizon2 e3-press-kit-06-wm-forza-horizon2 e3-press-kit-04-wm-forza-horizon2 e3-press-kit-02-wm-forza-horizon2

 sdcc-2014-xbox_1045 sdcc-2014-xbox_1044 sdcc-2014-xbox_1043

† Main game screenshots and images acquired from the Xbox Press Site.