SDCC 2013: A Peek at TMNT Out of the Shadows

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SDCC 2013: A Peek at TMNT Out of the Shadows


At San Diego Comic Con, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were out of the sewer and onto the Xbox Public Demo room for all to play. The 4 player beat em’ up had fans of the old arcade series and newcomers alike lining up to play. The game sported the campy art style of today’s Ninja Turtles and is coupled with flashy ninja-esque movements. If goal is a comic-styled arcade pick-up-and-play of yester-year, then the game is already moving in the right direction. Let’s take a little look at what we have and know so far for the upcoming XBLA release.

Controls and button use are pretty standard with the beat ’em up genre with some TMNT specific additions: a main attack, an alternate attack (ie kick), jump, evade, counter, shuriken toss and special attack. It is these controls which are used to allow for fast-paced gameplay. The evade button can be used to run along walls, run up fences, and “parkour” over obstacles, enemies and over turtles alike. More variety is added with combo attacks with other turtles, a timed counter system for those constant blockers, or a good o’ fashioned high five with all of your bros. Cowabunga? Movement stays fluid and gratifying thanks to all of that, which is great considering how much button mashing a game like this is  expected to induce. And each of the turtles have been customized to be unique. Examples: Donatello has strong and wide movement but is a bit slower than his brothers in execution. Michelangelo has clumsy movement but hits fast.

TMNT OOTS_Screenshot5

You will be able  to jump into a campaign mode with a friend or an arcade mode with 4 friends, all over Xbox Live. Not Much has been announced just yet regarding the game, such as the villains that will be available to fight. However, there are a couple of screenshots out so that people can take a look at how the game is turning out so far. Old and new fans should keep their eyes peeled for this game coming around the corner very soon.

TMNT OOTS_Screenshot4 TMNT OOTS_Screenshot3 TMNT OOTS_Screenshot2 TMNT OOTS_Screenshot1