Samsung Notebook Odyssey Gaming Notebook Review

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Samsung Notebook Odyssey Gaming Notebook Review

Keyboard and Final Thoughts

As a heavy user of a Surface Pro 3 and a gaming laptop of my own, I’m no stranger to (or hater of) laptop chiclet or membrane keyboards. However, when it came to PC gaming, I’d sooner connect a mechanical keyboard for that proper WASD layout and general mechanical key press sensation. However, I have to say that using the Samsung Notebook Odyssey’s keyboard for gaming was actually pleasant. The keys had a comfortable and familiar layout, with nice spacing between keys. The curvature of the key caps helped to keep my fingers anchored on the WASD keys, allowing for a pretty natural pc gaming experience.

I will say however, that when playing a game that causes the Samsung Notebook Odyssey to put in some proper effort in processing, that keyboard will warm up. It’s nothing close to what I’d call “hot”, but it is noticeable warmth.  So if you’re the kind of sweaty gamer that actually sweats, you might care about this. I’d sooner connect a mechanical keyboard before I’d consider this a notch against an otherwise acceptable PC gaming keyboard.

All in all, Samsung’s first gaming notebook in the Samsung Notebook Odyssey is a pretty impressive product. As a gamer with an appreciation for the flashy sci-fi looks of most gaming PC’s and peripherals, I really adored the overall look of the Samsung Notebook Odyssey.  It’s a sleek and calm appearance that has the capability of being as bright and flashy as you would like. As a 15.6 inch gaming laptop, it is highly portable and easy to tote around with your favorite peripherals.

Starting at $1,199.99, you have a gaming laptop that ready for PC games of today. The bright and crisp display doesn’t go to waste as you are treated to respectable frame rates for games displaying with HIGH presets. A nicely designed keyboard encourages you to leave your mechanical keyboard at home, as this keyboard is ready to get the job done with your favorite first person shooters. Matching looks with power, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey set a nice little bar for gaming laptops and should make for a great comparison piece for anything introduced at E3 next week.

Do take a look at the Samsung Notebook Odyssey for yourself here.

Samsung Notebook Odyssey loaner provided by Samsung PR for review.