Samsung Notebook Odyssey Gaming Notebook Review

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Samsung Notebook Odyssey Gaming Notebook Review

Performance and Usability

The Samsung Notebook Odyssey’s dual storage has the operating system (Windows 10) booting off of the smaller solid state drive while the 1TB hard disc drive is the main drive for game and application installs. This is a common practice in many gaming laptops as the gamer benefits here from a boot-up time of 30 seconds or less while the larger drive handles all the installs. Once a game loads, as long as your processor, memory and graphics card are each up to snuff, your game performance really doesn’t depend on whether you’ve installed your game on an SSD vs an HDD.

That said, we threw the Samsung Notebook Odyssey at Gears of War 4 and Battlefield 1, running each game at their prospective HIGH graphics presets. Each game ran smoothly while maintaining very reasonable and enjoyable frame rates. Battlefield 1 was especially gorgeous, showing off explosions, debris, plums of dust, and overall scenery without stutters, frame loss or other visual nasties.

Each game did show more noticeable frame rate drops when the Samsung Notebook Odyssey was challenged to run them in their ULTRA video settings. Now the games were still playable with ULTRA presets, but the overall experience just felt right with HIGH settings. On a gaming laptop, beautiful graphics at 50-ish frames per second became my personal sweet spot. The Gears of War 4 benchmark did well to illustrate the Samsung Notebook Odyssey’s dips in frame rate when played on the various settings, starting from MEDIUM.

The Samsung Notebook Odyssey’s screen displayed beautifully, brightly and clearly, even when I tried gaming in the office under unnecessarily bright fluorescent lighting. The anti-glare screen worked like a charm. When taking photos of the Samsung Notebook Odyssey, the camera picked up glare and reflection on the screen that I simply did not see with the naked eye. So don’t let this image deceive you about the anti-glaring.

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