Runbow @ PAX Prime 2015

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Pax Prime 2015: Runbow First Impressions


A definitely memorable time during Pax Prime 2015 was surely the time Double-Jump, myself, and a couple of others were at the Nindies booth trying out a few of sessions of 13AM Games‘ masterpiece, Runbow on the Nintendo Wii U. Runbow is a colorful platformer where you constantly have to adapt to the ever-changing environment and punch your way to the goal. It’s also the only game to have 9-player couch co-op, utilizing the gamepad, Wii remotes, and classic controllers. If you don’t have 9 friends for local play, it also has adventure mode and online play to suit your play style.


Time was of the essence, so I only got to tryout the multiplayer version of Runbow. The addictive aspect of the game is what really drew us in. The goal is plain and simple, be the first to get to the trophy at the end of the level before the other players do. It gets hectic as other players can knock you out, or the tempo of the level changes. I was getting schooled by all the far superior platforming gurus, and of course Double-Jump came out on top at the end. I believe I won a round or two, but, man, I want to definitely get better at the game.


I mainly used the gamepad to control my Runbow character and it was pretty tight and responsive. The other players were playing on Wii remotes and classic controllers connected to them which was an ingenious way for 13AM Games to  be able to add up to nine players to the game. This ambitious game really has gamers coming back for more.

Runbow is currently available on the Nintendo Wii U E-Shop, so if you want enjoy some crazy platforming with friends or running solo, then 13AM Games has got you covered with Runbow!