Razer Rogue 17.3 Laptop Backpack

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Razer Rogue 17.3 Laptop Backpack

After Razer showed us their cheaper Razer Blade Pro purchase option at Pax West 2017, they let us have a go at the Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack. The Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack is a high-end backpack designed for the gamer on the go, especially those who own a Razer Blade Pro or a similarly-sized laptop. It has chambers and pockets for days, ready to not only carry your gaming laptop, but also every peripheral you would use with it. Let’s dive into Razer Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack, hopefully we won’t get lost inside of this thing…

The outside of the Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack uses ballistic nylon and PVC lining for its exterior, providing protection against the elements. The shoulder straps have five points of adjustment, including a removable sternum strap. Each shoulder strap can be adjusted near the top and bottom of the strap, allowing you to find the right balance and comfort level around your shoulders. You also have adjustments near the top and bottom each side, which allows you to adjust how much the bag sticks outward depending on the bag’s contents.

Where the bag that comes in contact with your back, you have mesh cushioning to give your back some breathability. Last but not least, you have a stow-away rain cover for when you want to wear the Rogue 17.3 during some serious downpours.

When it comes to storage, you have pockets galore, giving you plenty of organizational options. You have a very large main compartment, a couple quick access pockets, a zippered sleeve for housing your laptop, a zippered side pocket housing a bottle holder, and another zippered sleeve near the front housing several more sleeves and organizational pockets.

Inside that front zippered sleeve, you can see the myriad of organizational pockets here.

For a bag that is designed to hold most 17.3 laptops sized like the Razer Blade Pro, as well as any and all accessories needed to game, you’d expect this to be a big bag. The Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack is indeed big. However, I appreciated how well it was designed to take up only as much space as needed. Those side adjustment straps do a good job at keeping the bag as flat as possible, making the Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack more than bearable on days where it’s fairly empty. On days when it’s not, it can hold A LOT of stuff.

To put things into perspective, I was able to fit two Dell Latitude E5550’s (16” laptops), a full keyboard, a headset, a mouse, a bag of small PC accessories, a full change of gym clothes, and my trusty Surface Pro 3 into the Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack, comfortably and with room to spare. I used the 16-inch Dell’s (14.8 x 10 x 0.9 inches) to help illustrate how well that laptop sleeve could fit most 17.3 gaming laptops as my 3-year old + ASUS ROG G750JW just wouldn’t get in there. I didn’t mind that considering the ASUS ROG G750JW’s somewhat girth-y triangular body, coming in at 16.1 x 12.5 x 0.67 inches (Width x Depth x Height). Plus, it was simple enough to drop the ASUS ROG G750JW into the laptop compartment without having to specifically use that laptop sleeve. So the Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack still did its job.

As for the ASUS ROG G750JW, it was a little tight but it did zip up in the laptop compartment, outside of the sleeve. Nevertheless, it was easy enough to cheat and just drop it in the main compartment, where of course it was easily swallowed up.

Best of all, not only does it hold any thing you could need to game with your laptop on the go, but it does so quite comfortably. Considering the kind of weight that comes carrying a 17.3 laptop, maybe a keyboard, a headset, mouse, and the miscellaneous, you should hope that the Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack is at least easy to wear. With the Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack, you get just that. Those multiple points of adjustment do a great job at stabilizing that load on your back. Being able to tighten the straps on the top and the bottom of the straps helped to keep the bag from flopping about even when I was running down the escalator to catch that morning train.

On top of handling large loads while keeping things neat and comfortable, the Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack keeps your gear safe and secure while being easy on the eyes. YKK zippers are no joke when it comes to strong and efficient fastening. So it’s a good thing that the Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack’s main compartments are secured by them. The bag’s ballistic nylon and PVC lining dares you to wear the Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack even in rain or snow. And if you have the slightest bit of angst with trying that, you can always reinforce the bag with its stow-away bag cover.

The Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack’s durability, comfort level, and general usefulness made it easy for me to decide what my go-to bag will be for our upcoming CES 2018 trip. For a winter convention that needs you to be able to move about with your electronics while being able to stow away layers and layers of winter garb, the Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack is just an easy choice. As designed, its sleek look despite its size makes it perfect for any gamer on the go. Do check out the Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack on for yourself by clicking here.